meet Tiffani Bova

Introducing Tiffani Bova – Sales Futurist

Meet Tiffani Bova In September 2015 I sat listening to a woman who shared a vivid story of growth. A woman after my own heart, I was keen to connect with this like-minded woman. She has the most fantastic background (and title) – Sales Futurist, Growth Adviser and Customer experience advocate. Since I first met Tiffani, […]

increase productivity at work

Let’s talk it through

Increase Productivity At Work Small Business success is about selling ideas, selling products, selling opportunity, selling vision…but you need to do it productively. We are always selling in small business and ultimately selling is about having conversations – because in my belief you cannot sell anything, customers must choose to want to buy. One could […]

Requests for Mentorship

I feel flattered every time that someone contacts me to ask if I will mentor or coach them… I’m involved with a number of programs where I can support start-ups and entrepreneurs on their journey – but, literally, I do not have enough hours in the day to meet the requests that I have to […]

Naomi Simson Shark Tank season 1

The before & after of Shark Tank series one

Network TEN’s last episode of Series One of Shark Tank Australia will air at 9.00pm this Sunday. I know it will be a fabulous finale – with laughter, lessons and legendary pitches… we will definitely go out with a bang. It also gives me a moment to reflect. How life has changed, the impact the […]

Naomi Simson speaker

Live What You Love: Purpose (Extract)

Purpose extract from Live What You Love I don’t live to work, I work to live. But if I love the work I choose, then my work is no longer work. Our society celebrates the idea of the workaholic. Earlier in this book I have written that the happy employee creates a great workplace. I […]

Naomi Simson younger years school

Our educators create our future

Schools are major employers – and how their employees speak about them effects their brand reputation too. I’ve listened to two very different stories from teaching professionals in the last week (not from my kids schools). I am regularly inspired by my teenagers educators; the dedication teaching takes. It is a gfit, a great calling […]

A story of four people

People do often ask what is the ‘one thing’ that I believe has created the success of RedBalloon. There is not ‘one thing’ – except maybe lot’s of hard work by lot’s of people. But I do know that accountability is a big part of that – and that my personal motto has always been […]

New Year – Mentoring

We are now on the final countdown as we rush into Christmas. I don’t seem to have many minutes to rub together, so as I race from one thing to the next I steal a moment to reflect on what an amazing year we are having at RedBalloon – how fantastic it is that we […]