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My dad always thought I could… how grateful I am.

People have asked me: where to you get your determination and drive? Is it nature or nurture? One thing I know is that my father had a great influence on who I am. And as Fathers Day fast approaches in Australia, I thought it time to publicly acknowledge him. My Dad, taught me the definition of motivation… that simple. He worked hard, laughed loud, and pursues his passions single-mindedly. My Dad, taught me to dream big, to play full out…

Three things young women in business need to know

[Posted to LinkedIn a few weeks ago - and it came in as #11 the most read posts on LinkedIn in 2012 - some of the 1000 comments are very amusing. Also exciting that I am now close to 50,000 followers of my blog posts] A few months ago I commented on Sheryl Sandberg TED talk in a blog post entitled: Three insights into why we lack women leaders. Which continues to make me ponder. Is there really a glass…

A story of four people

People do often ask what is the ‘one thing’ that I believe has created the success of RedBalloon. There is not ‘one thing’ – except maybe lot’s of hard work by lot’s of people. But I do know that accountability is a big part of that – and that my personal motto has always been “if it’s meant to be it’s up to me”.  My colleague Chau shared the below poem with me (via Megan) – I thought how apt….

Five for Friday

New Year – Mentoring

We are now on the final countdown as we rush into Christmas. I don’t seem to have many minutes to rub together, so as I race from one thing to the next I steal a moment to reflect on what an amazing year we are having at RedBalloon – how fantastic it is that we will continue to be frantically busy until 2.00pm on Sunday when people sit down to Christmas lunch – and then the RedBalloon elves will also…