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Shark Tank Season Three Episode 7

Shark Tank Season Three Episode 7

Up this week in the Tank we have…


Patrick and Tom from Cardly have created a business of personalised cards printed on demand around the world by simulating hand writing and curating artists designs. The model is scalable and the execution from the elegant the two founders are very impressive, but their valuation… not so much. They’re after 250k for a 7% stake in their business…



Darryn, the founder of Sacz is looking for a solution to carrying and protecting precious triathlon bikes when they are transported between competitions. However, the demo doesn’t go that smoothly — in fact it looks pretty hard to put on and off….


Sama, an architect by profession, is a ball of energy. He has created a new workout concept that includes ball type boxing gloves. Andrew and I think it is a good opportunity to really spar…


Daniel has invented a hat for a chair — it is definitely and Aussie invention and I’m not so sure if we need another sun protection device though what I do see is that if this had branding on it, it might be quite a good promotional product. He is in very early stage with 100 customers and 1800 in stock so his go-to market strategy will be key to Daniel’s success.

360 Gym

Brad has created a mobile gym unit which includes 17 strength training elements and has come to the Tank asking for $200k for 20% equity in his business. With personal trainers in every park, this is an ingenious way to bring strength work outdoors. Brad is inventive, living in his Dad’s shed to make ends meet, and he has put together a great product… but has he got the business model right?


Apparently up to one third of Australians have some level of diet intolerances. The bright couple — Chrissy and Luke — are passionate about creating a scalable food business in what is becoming a mainstream niche. They are seeking 100k for 10% of their business. After intelligently testing their products along the way, the couple have signed on to be stocked in 450 retailers across Victoria and New South Wales. Their low “Fodmap” food caters for those with different sorts of intolerances… but will this niche category get picked up by a Shark?

There you have it, another great night in the Tank. You know you’ve had a good day when Steve finally agrees with you! See you next week…

Images courtesy of Network Ten.

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  • Oh my it looks like I'm about to take a massive bite out of someone on tomorrow's @sharktankau .... 😆 join me On TEN at 7.30 💃🦈
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