When was the last time you truly felt unstoppable? That feeling like no other. When you are so inspired; so full of energy; so aligned to your purpose – so sure of where you are going and simultaneously knowing there is no looking back.
I feel like that right now.
I have spent the last few days in the Amazon with The Unstoppables. Brain child of the incredibly energetic Julio De Lafitte – his energy is contagious, one cannot help but feel that anything is possible when he is around.
Yes, the WiFi is incredibly intermittent which makes checking in on things back home really tough (life does go on while you are feeling #Unstoppable!). Yes, there is a great deal of fear around the public emergency situation of the Zika virus. Yes, there is a chance I may get chomped on by a piranha. But who are we, if we are not fearless in the face of adventure? We cannot be unstoppable if we let our fear control us.
The Unstoppables Project erupted last year when Julio took a group of entrepreneurs; business owners; high net worth individuals to Antarctica. The concept was proven – put a bunch of people who will thrive off each other’s energy; vivaciousness; courage; unstoppable nature – into one of the most awesome places in the world and you are bound to come up with something great. During the Unstoppables’ maiden adventure in Antarctica in February 2015 – not only did 40% of people invest in someone else’s business – they generated the following stellar results
– 25% got investment in their businesses
– $15M was invested in their companies
– 70% secured sponsorship
– 98+ businesses were formed
Julio contacted me a few months ago and discussed how successful Antarctica was and asked if I would be interested in heading to the jungle for the next installment. Emma Simonsen my ‘manager’ aka EA, had practically arranged my flights and visa before I had the chance to consider it. But the truth is, there was no chance I would miss such a once in a lifetime adventure.
The premise is your day is full of what they call ‘fire talks’; activities that will push your boundaries and of course the pleasure of being in the Amazon of all places. I have been adding a photo diary on my FaceBook page.  I was standing on top of the Amazon River and it was 12 metres higher than usual after the rains. The river rises to the challenge, but does not overflow. I wonder if I too, would rise to the challenge the Amazon had set out for me…. the proof will be in the months to come.
As I consider what has been created… what I do know is that I now have 45 more people in my life who will hold me to account for playing a bigger game.

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