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Weekly lessons for business owners: Regular check ups

Weekly lessons for business owners: Regular check ups

Implementing rhythm in your life and business creates results. We know that consistent pursuit and dedication inch you toward your goals, but as life gets busier we often forget about the daily practices that anchor our intention. So let me ask you, what daily practices do you have in place that create rhythm and momentum in your life?

If you haven’t already, head over to the freshly updated site where you can pick up chapter one of my book, Ready To Soar, as a free download! In this chapter you can dive deep into your dreams and discover your unique mastery.

We’re really excited to engage with those in our small business community over on Facebook. I created this online space with collaboration in mind – a space where members can share any issues they’re facing and discuss what’s assisting them to overcome those challenges. Connecting with peers in your industry or simply across the small business sector opens a much needed dialogue. Check in daily for tips and design a rhythm if you haven’t already begun!


It was lovely staying in Sydney for the week. I find that so much gets done when I’m on the ground with my teams – it was a great week, we moved the game forward.

Early in the week, I was immersed in strategy with the management team. I hosted the leaders at my home and we worked on planning, and most importantly, the team. Redii is all about treating your employees how you would like them to treat your customers. We practice what we preach. I also spoke at the QVB for the HCL technology mentoring program which I wrote about here.

Mid week I was in at the Gravity offices for a day with my team. I scooted out for a few hours to be MC for the City of Sydney Business Awards launch event with the Sydney Lord Mayor which I wrote about here. Thursday and Friday were filled with meetings – but I finished the week on a productivity high which was energising!

Overall, I was reminded that regular check ins with my health and my business are imperative. So I ask, what regular check ups are you carrying out for your health and business?


This Tuesday evening at 8pm AEST I’ll be participating in another Facebook Live chat with ANZ and Felicity Rodgers, Founder of Cargo Crew. Come along and join us at the ANZ Australia Facebook page!

The rest of the week sees my chatting with the Sydney Gravity office as part of my Entrepreneur-in-Residence role, meeting with a start-up company and enjoying the beginning of Easter with my wonderful family.



In line with creating rhythm in our lives the following articles might prove interesting for you to consider.




The #SmallBusinessSuccess Cookbook

Ready to Soar (how to turn your brilliant idea into a business you love)

Live What You Love (When Passion and Purpose Change your Life.)



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