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We are going nowhere fast if we do not surround ourselves with instrumental, successful, wise, courageous and inspiring people. How can we expect to challenge ourselves to greatness if we are only seeking advice from ourselves? (And maybe having some fun as we do.)

At the core of every entrepreneur is a network of greatness – whilst not called “Boards” they almost are just that. A number of trusted “advisors” we go to for help, advice, encouragement and sometimes even money. Often the most incredibly successful business leaders attribute their success to those around them – some refer to these “advisors” as mentors, role models, partners. The name is not what is important, it is the role these people play in our development as courageous business people.
Bouncing ideas off other successful business leaders is key to devising our own goals and strategies – in addition to this, our own personal development (we are never perfect!). I am always learning from those around me, inspired by what they are getting up to and love being introduced to the “advisors” in their own circles – it is fascinating how small the world really is, as it is not uncommon that I share common contacts with those around me. I guess we are drawn to others who share the same values, and respect similar things in one another.
Over the years I have been involved with other forums such as Business Chicks, Heads over Heels, Scale and it is so wonderful to be a part of these. It invigorates my entrepreneurial energy right when I thought I had exhausted some of it.
Recently, I have been invited to attend The Unstoppables “Ideas Gone Wild” project in Brazil. What an incredible initiative – their tagline is this: “Imagine the ultimate collaboration of entrepreneurs taking place at the one time in the one location — all working together to bring innovative ideas to life, create new businesses, fund brilliant ideas and work on solving the greater issues facing the Australian economy.” Last year Julio de Laffitte sent 105 entrepreneurs to Antarctica with $15m invested in various businesses, 98+ businesses were created and 25% of those seeking investment received it for those businesses – and this time it is going to be even bigger.
As I said, by surrounding ourselves with incredibly successful people we challenge ourselves to greatness and understand how endless the opportunities for us are. I cannot wait!
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