One of the wonderful things about being a ‘Shark’ on Network TEN’s Shark Tank (catch us on Sunday’s at 9:00pm on TEN) is that I have many people present their business ideas to me – not always pitching for investment, often they are seeking advice or direction. The thing I can do is to support these businesses by letting other people know how great they are – so once a month I will give you a selection of some of the great Start Ups that I have been introduced to.
So here are a few of the businesses I learned a little bit about in April:
Beanhunter: Last month I was introduced to a peer’s investee businesses – a very popular coffee subscription service that provides fortnightly delivered supplies of freshly roasted speciality coffee beans. They cheekily thought that as a “coffee experience” it may be a fit as a RedBalloon product – but I will let the wonderful product team decide on that… (Who knows it may be an interesting “bundle” with 5am balloon flights!)
DoctaDocta: Dr. Andrew Rochford shared his idea with me last year with his start-up he has been working with a team on it for quite some time. Now I understand he is ready to launch.  Docta now has a Co-Founding CTO (very clever), and they have focused on being a Technology Business now poised to launch their Mobile Healthcare Marketplace. A consumer video at makes it really easy to understand (very clever)…Docta connects healthcare consumers with the mobile healthcare providers offering on-site health services in the convenience of their own home. This healthcare marketplace uses sophisticated mobile technology to make finding, reviewing, booking and paying for at-home health services quick, convenient and easy.

 Wattblock: I actually first learned about what this business does after presenting at CEBIT in Sydney last year. Wattblock takes a number of inputs, estimates your blocks energy consumption and recommends the best projects for your block. I must have got myself on the mailing list and was pleased to learn they are still growing the offering…Wattblock has created it’s first electric vehicle recharge report for a strata building investigating options for basement carpark charging solutions. They are really wanting to change the game here and are positioning themselves in a very clever manner in the marketplace.

Perspectivo: “There are moments in life when we feel that the circle of people and knowledge we have can’t help us accomplish the things we want to do. Sometimes we can’t figure out how to take the next step, or we end up back at square one. That’s why we created Perspectivo! I was sent this pitch through my blog during the month and was really intrigued by what they were wanting to achieve. Perspectivo is a place for people to discover new possibilities and solutions to any dream, goal or challenge they are having based on the experience and wisdom of those who have “Been There, Done That”. As I respect the power of #possible #dreams and #achieving – I really was excited to share this with you. How fun!

I’ve got lots more to share with you, so until next month! Of course you can learn about the many businesses and start ups we see walking into the #SharkTank by watching us on TEN, Sunday night’s at 9:00pm.

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