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I have written two books and produced an online course to share my experience as a business owner. Both books and the course are filled with exercises for you to do the work and design the future that you want. Both Ready to Soar and Live What you Love are best sellers in Australia. And I have had incredible feedback on them both. People sometimes reach out to me after reading them to share what they got out of them.

To be completely honest, I read both of her books in 2018 and they truly changed my life. It’s changed the course of my business activities, my entrepreneurial thinking and strategic initiatives. Meeting Naomi and interviewing her on my podcast Giant Thinkers was a dream come true. I still have her signed copies she generously gifted me which I treasure. .

Ram Castillo
  • Agile Planning Poker Cards

    Agile Planning Poker Cards

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  • Live What You Love

    Live What You Love

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