Agile Planning Poker Cards

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Business Planning Tool Plan.D helps you become agile in your planning. Its a progressive, customisable and easy to use deck of cards. Plan.D utilises what is called Agile Methodology. The Agile Method is a dynamic form of business management that allows for constant development and refinement. This collaborative form of business management means Plan.D is the perfect business resource for both teams and individuals. Regardless of your knowledge or experience Plan.D will give you the best possible chance at sustainable success. Each card presents a range questions surrounding a designated topic. This question based format also know as ‘Socratic Method’, forces the user to develop solutions rather than be told the answers, resulting in more thoughtful and creative outcomes.

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What Is Plan.D

The Ultimate Business Resource
Plan.D is an insightful and creative way to explore growth opportunities for a start-up, established business or business unit. It helps you be ‘agile’. Its a progressive, customisable and easy to use deck of cards all carefully researched under the headings of Think, Adapt, Grow. Plan.D is comprised of 50 Agile Cards (100% recycled materials used), each of which is designed to take you through an aspect of the business journey. Not only will Plan.D assist you in the development of your ideas and actions it will increase your ability to think laterally and problem solve. Plan.D is holistic, reliable and perfect for any individual or business.

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