Shark Tank Australia Season 4 Episode 6

It’s Shark Tank Tuesday and we’re back in the Tank! Tonight’s episode features some impressive business owners, unique and tasty inventions. First to jump in the Tank is…
Billie comes in with a brave ask – $1.8 million in exchange for 18% of her business valuing it at a cool $10 million – she’s clearly not scared of swimming with Sharks. Wearable X, includes Nadi X – a woven-in technology to yoga pants with sensors that connect to an app which assists beginner to intermediate yogis to practice at home. Billie is an impressive entrepreneur and a great Australian export to the U.S., however, I’m not 100% sold on the technology behind the product. I wonder what the tech guru will say about this one?
Wearable X
Shark Tank Wearable X
Ganache Chocolate
Ganache Chocolate
Originally from Germany, Arno is the Master Chocolatier and Founder of Ganache Chocolate and I can attest to his products being delicious – I have tried them multiple times! Currently there are two Ganache Chocolate stores in Melbourne and Arno is looking to expand and open chocolate lounges in Canberra and Sydney which is why he’s in the Tank. He is asking for 600k for 40% equity in his company, valuing it at 1.5 million – his passion for his craft is clear but will that passion land him an investment from a Shark?
Shark Tank Ganache Chocolate
The Clothesline Brolley
The Clothesline Brolley

Liana is in the Tank to sell us her idea which she thinks should be in every home in Australia – the Clothesline Brolley. As a multi-passionate individual Liana is a marriage celebrant, real estate agent, has an animal clipping and grooming business and has designed a cover for clotheslines out of clear PVC. With goals to be on Amazon and in Aldi and Bunnings, she’s pre-revenue and has been stalled due to the cost of manufacture. Will she convince a Shark that her product is worth investing in?

Shark Tank The Clothesline Brolley
Dave and Marko are two blokes from Melbourne who have a vision to be ‘the global drink for the health conscious’ and they believe that they’re tapping into a gap in the alcohol market. They’ve created their own vodka, from grapes, as well as mixed Vodka drinks… and after a few years in business they have grand plans to get their vodka overseas. Dave and Marko are here asking for 250k for 10% in their business and are open to exiting their business within the next couple of years after conquering the U.S. and China market. Can they convince a Shark to come along for the ride?
Vodka +
Shark Tank Vodka +
That’s it for Shark Tank this week… but remember you can always catch up on the episodes at Ten Play. All Shark Tank Australia information including blog posts, products and companies from all seasons can be found here…

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