Shark Tank Season 3 Episode Three

As usual, here come my Shark Tank pitch highlights…
Hey Day ButterHey Day Butter
Heather from Hey Day Butter won a spot in the top ten in Masterchef Australia in 2016 and she has now found her calling in gourmet butter. She has created an artisan product that has gone to market, but now Heather needs someone to help her scale the business — will the fear of growth get in her way?
Ooh and I think you will love this Butter Making with Heather herself.
Shark Tank Hey Day Butter

Hangover Helpers
James hates waking up to the morning after mess of the night before… and he figured so do other people. An accountant by training he has now booked 100s of cleans… and with a ‘hangover helper’, also comes breakfast for two. He has moved from Perth to Melbourne and is now trying to really scale the business.
Mouth Monsters
Oil pulling has been around for centuries and this husband and wife team are determined to make it mainstream, given that they know that teeth decay is at epidemic proportions in young Australians… but will it catch on?
Centred Meditation
When someone arrives on set claiming a world first — it is hard to to move away from such a claim, especially if it is hard to defend. I like the concept of a meditation centre in the middle of the city but I am not sure that the spreadsheet used to model the growth of locations is without risky variables…
The Pole Room
The Pole Room
Jasmine and Andi from The Pole Room are looking to roll out online programs and franchise their operations nationally. As they tell us, pole exercise strengthens the core and most of us give the pole a go (see below). These two really want to build community and infuse fun into exercise. With a high customer retention rate, this is a great business — but is it a fad and does it have a future?

Shark tank The Pole Room
Fish Frenz
Lourens has come into the Tank to pitch us his ‘wave energy conversion fish feeding pump’. After a rather confusing pitch, when the founder started talking about female fisher people — I was lost. Even so, this doesn’t mean that the product did not have potential — merely that the pitching process did more to distract than educate.
Kane speaks coffee brilliantly — there is not much he doesn’t know about it having spent his whole life working in the field. With a $16m pod processing machine from Italy, and as experienced business person, he has worked night and day to provide packaging and roasting services to some of the largest names in coffee. He comes to pitch with a $16.6m valuation and is looking for a Shark to invest $2.5m – I sense a Shark fight.
Shark Tank iCapsulate
It really is true that all anyone needs is simply one person to believe in them. If there’s one piece of advice I could give to people who are interesting of coming to the Tank, it is to be yourself, be passionate, be considered but bring me into your world. I really want to see your perspective and the more effectively and efficiently you do that, i’ll be listening with all ears.
If you miss an episode remember that you can always catch up on Tenplay.
Images courtesy of Network Ten.

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