Shark Tank Season 3 Episode Four

Back at it again… who’s entering the Tank tonight?
Over the MooOver the Moo
First up we have Alex who joins us in the Tank with a passion for ice cream. Alex wanted to create a non-dairy product that tasted incredible, and I can attest to the fact that he has achieved this with Over The Moo. He tactically begins his pitch with an ice cream tasting, and from there we were all on the hook. After dedicating the last two years of his life to this business, and with a 360 loan from family, the product is now in 300 stockists and his enterprise is getting great traction. He has put a 3.125 million valuation on his business… will the Sharks bite?
Shark Tank Over the Moo

Mini PalletsMini Pallets
Peter is 72 years young and interested in doing something really worthwhile with his time. With 50,000 back accidents reported annually in Australia, many of which are caused by lifting, Peter has invented a well thought out yet simple product with design protection. He has already sold 100,000 units to date and there is real momentum with his product that could revolutionise the way we move things. With Australia Post as a customer under his belt and a couple of other big corporates in his back pocket, Peter is looking to expand into the US market. The potential to scale Peter’s business is enticing and a couple of the Sharks are keen to go up against Peter’s impressive negotiation skills.

Next up, we have Maree who comes in to see us after selling her home and giving up a lucrative consulting career, in order to help people find their lost property and valuables. She has built an app using QR codes but it seems like she may have overcomplicated the process. With a privacy issue revealed mid-pitch, I wonder if she has enough traction to get this idea off the ground?

Coming straight to the Tank from Bondi are Lisa Marie and Lauren who speak to us in sync. They have invented a three-sided concept application that seamlessly connects consumers of beauty treatments to freelance hair and makeup artists, in their own home, or to salons with spare appointments. They have invested in significant technology developments and are beginning to get real traction but the catch is that they’ve only been trading for four months… will that deter the Sharks?
Shark Tank Glamazon
That is it… another great night in the Tank!
I enjoy seeing people really giving their business idea a go, following their dreams, their purpose and backing themselves. It’s important for all leaders to continue to educate themselves, I do. I surround myself with people who are experts in what they do. Playing to our strengths is something I always advocate.
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