Shark Tank Season 3 Episode 12

The gloves come off this week in the Tank… no surprises who! First up we have…
Sweet MickieSweet Mickie
Emma has come to the Tank and brought with her personalised gift cookies. Baked using a family cookie recipe with some Gen Y humour on top, Emma is asking for 200k for 20% of her business, valuing it at 1 million dollars. Emma is looking for a hands on investor who can help her scale her business? Will the Sharks put their hand in the cookie jar?


Shark Tank Sweet Mickie
Buckle Me UpBuckle Me Up
Andrew from Buckle Me Up has brought to the Tank a device that attaches to seat belts, syncs with a smart phone and alerts the driver should a seat buckle be undone. Andrew has invested $2m to date but as we dig a little deeper, things are not as they seem. It’s an exciting pitch and has us on the edge of our seats…
Shark Tank Buckle Me Up
Crooked CompassCrooked Compass
After launching her company in May 2014, Lisa has come asking for 70k investment for 15% of her boutique travel business. Lisa tells us that her team at Crooked Compass are committed to sharing travel inspiration and expert knowledge to help add the most intriguing destinations and experiences to their customer’s bucket list — including those you didn’t know existed. Lisa has created an eco-system for travellers to have real experiences… those that enriching you, at your own pace, without creating a ‘manufactured experience’. Sounds good to me, who’s going to bite?
Shark Tank Crooked Compass
One TalkOne Talk
Anya from One Talk is after a 50k investment for 20% of her company which creates talking posters. She’s been in marketing for a long time and living in Darwin, has had clients come to her with a brief to communicate with local indigenous communities. Many of the languages used in her posters have never been written down before and Anya has invented an auditory way to communicate the messages. The question is… are there other applications for these talking posters?
Shark Tank One Talk
That’s it for another week, see you next Tuesday!
Images courtesy of Network Ten.

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