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Pentablock – st2-rx10-joel-norford-43165The pitch for this product was instantly impressive – claiming that it is 49x faster than the work of your average stonemason. Pentablock is a unique interlocking vertical construction block system, featuring a patented design, the result of years of research to create a “dry stack” system. As with all investments, the Sharks became very interested in how the patent was approved and what the patent was for exactly. Often entrepreneurs overlook the importance of ensuring all the checks and balances are ticked off before the business flies – it is too often the smallest of elements in a design that can be forgotten and that can be the difference between the ability to be a successful first to market.

st2-rx10-benny-tong-43520Stick Alarm – Benny is serious about a future in robotics – he has an initial product to test some of his robotic ideas – he has been using this ‘wake up’ robot for five years. Faced with a problem he suffered himself, of sleeping through his alarm, he has invented a device that will, literally, hit you to wake you from your slumber. Benny is a passionate innovator that believes in the power of robotics in everyday life, and his passion is infectious. He has offered the Sharks a stake in the inventions he creates – this is an investment in the future.
Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 9.38.57 PMCatch up: Charli Chair – I have been a customer of the Charli Chair – I found it a unique gift for new parents. In the last 12 months, it has gone from $30k revenue to $250k with national retailers and aspirations abroad. There has been a number of significant product enhancements including the 2in1 system. Great results in 12 months.
Nit Ninja’sst2-rx6-watts-plazzi-40208 – Paul and Lisa want to prevent nits rather than curing them. Using their experience of aroma therapy they have developed a natural oil to prevent nit infestation. They have a vision to get a shoe lace soaked in the potion threaded into the inside of every school hat. I’m not sure why we all seem to scratch our heads so much during this presentation – there is clearly a market for the product. An interesting conversation about the clinical trials needed to prove that the natural remedy really works. The customer promise needs to be based on proven data.
Get Kids Cookingst2-rx14-joanne-bowskill-45515 – 
Joanne and Holly lifted the lid on childhood and school-age health and obesity realities; food education in primary schools is an opportunity to change the game. At the same time, the founders were gaining an understanding of the reality in this space, they also became very aware that children were not learning the “art” of cooking from their parents given how fast-paced everyone’s lifestyles are. On the go meals, takeaway, frozen meals – as much as we hate to admit it, these are meals we serve in Australian households every day. I love cooking with my kids, these days they teach me new things, and we share a few laughs along the way. Sunday night was always kids night for cooking in our house – and they could cook whatever they wanted. Here is a rather old video of my son cooking by himself in the kitchen about six years ago… I am probably cactus when he finds out I have put it here…

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