I kept a database and notes on every single pitch that we saw during the filming of Shark Tank for TEN. These are the notes of each of the pitches in Episode Three.

SurfsafeIMG_0051 – Dave Smith is the founder and inventor of a shark repellent device that is embedded in surf boards. The device emits sonic waves to deter sharks from approaching. He has been designing surf boards for 20 years, and wants to encourage people to surf and give up their fear of sharks. Alas it was expensive – nearly doubling the price of most surf boards! Janine enlighten us as to what a ‘quiver’ of boards is, which left me thinking… If you have more than one board it would be massively expensive to fit out all of your boards with these devices. A portable device is definitely needed. Steve thought he could add value to Surfsafe, but Dave was not convinced. This is a great innovation from a man who has a considerable background running a business. What if such a device became standard in all surf boards?
Captain ActiveIMG_0060 – A flash of orange and blue energy powering down the entrance. A masked man committed to getting kids and families active. Andrew Banks took to the floor and did the ‘bum shuffle’. Need I say more! Captain Active’s kids were upstairs watching on as their dad pitched DVDs online training, books and events. With $5000 revenue, his ask was way too high. But that’s not to say we didn’t see great value in what he does. He would make a great RedBalloon experience – as you can see.
IMG_0057Mobile Tyre Shop Travis Osborne has been pondering for a decade the business he could create to suit his talents. He has worked for 20 years helping other franchised businesses grow, and decided it was time he did it for himself. Travis found a niche in mobile tyre vans – he was energetic and knew his numbers. Janine recognized him from her early days of negotiating a lease for a Jam Factory site in Melbourne. This was to become a battle between the sharks. We spent close to two hours on set, and after the deal was done I shook Travis’s hand and he said “I saw you speak at the small business summit in Melbourne two and a half years ago – and I turned to my wife and said ‘we are going to do it’. Thank you.”
IMG_0181Simply Moreish Marinades – A passionate woman who makes a range of marinades in her kitchen at home. She sells them through local butchers and a few supermarkets…. lovely woman with a deep passion for tasty food. The business was very early and there are many regulations and restrictions around food production … funny to watch Steve try to put half a cow on his plate to test the product! Sometimes boutique offerings can be very successful and profitable when they stay small.

IMG_0131G Touch – Now here is a young man with a big future. Daniel was our youngest entrepreneur at 14 years of age he presented to us a glass touch screen that can interplay between two or more people. A great idea, but a long way from a finished product. All the sharks wanted to see this young man thrive…. so we hatched a plan on how to help give his technology career a boost

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