Planning for the new financial year is upon us again. The leadership team at RedBalloon is in the midst of brainstorms and planning sessions with their teams, exploring how they each can help deliver our purpose: creating happiness by giving people more good times.
Its times like this I’m so grateful for the wonderful contribution we make to peoples’ everyday lives. Be that ticking an item off their bucket list, celebrating a 30th, 40th, 50th or 60th, or simply providing an experience that gives the recipient a happy memory they can recall for years to come.
Yes, I’ve been accused of running a “namby pamby revolution” – more than once – but what we do has great value to so many people. Whilst some might say that what we do is not ‘rocket science’, the fact remains that at the very core of each persons well being is their connection to other human beings – and when an experience is shared – that connection is deepened. The moments that are created through RedBalloon experiences is a great thing. We’re simply making it easy for people to have shared experiences – and as a result make Australia a slightly happier place. We like to think we have started a ‘happiness revolution’ – one experience at a time.
When I get the chance to see what our teams present to the board in the coming weeks I know I will feel a combination of pride, excitement and purpose…
Pride because this is the business that until 12 years ago lived entirely inside my head. I am proud when I think there is now a team of 60 employees supporting our purpose and on track to deliver two million experiences before the end of the year. And that we are supporting 1000s of businesses in our supplier community. Not forgetting the half million good times we facilitate for our customers every year.
Excitement because my days of dreaming up and delivering the business strategy for RedBalloon has been passed to the CEO and a leadership team now tasked with this, and it’s exciting to think I’ve played a role in their professional development. I’m also excited to see what ideas they create.
Purpose because it’s the why we do what we do. It is our purpose that drives us, and get’s us bounding out of bed every day, and we wouldn’t know what direction we’re headed or what we needed to take with us. Our purpose and our values guide every decision we make as a business, and I am so fortunate to have a team of people happily along for the ride.
I hope you enjoy this time of year as much as I do. I’d love to hear your own experiences with planning and the strategies you use to get the best ideas and buy in from your people.

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