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Today is International Day of Happiness – 20 March every year is set aside to focus on the human emotion of happiness. Governments, industry and education facilities all know that happy people are more able to be creative and far more productive. So they have given ‘Happiness’ it’s own day of celebration.
Given that I am fundamentally curious and have been exploring vast reams of research on happiness for many years, I have learned much. Firstly happiness is only one of the many emotions we experience as humans – it is not a constant state of being. We might feel content, joyous and even accomplished – but to live in a state of euphoria 24/7 is simply not humanly possible.
We need the range of emotions which gives us contrast – and with contrast we can identify the emotion of happiness.
So what is the one word on happiness – be present. See the research results below from 2000 people we surveyed. 96% said what makes them happy is living in the moment.
As RedBalloon CEO Kristie says – “Without rain – there are no rainbows.
What makes you happy?

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