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The sounds of silence - means you have space to listen

I was recently with a group of start up businesses; this small group of founders was excitedly debating the best way to promote their businesses using social media. Each was bemoaning that they were not getting much traction on their twitter and Facebook page… and one was asking me if it was ‘worthwhile’ to start a blog.

Here’s the thing: Only blog, tweet and FaceBook if you have something worth saying that might be of interest and value to someone else. They are not promotional tools they are listening tools…

It is the same inside your business – as leaders we don’t have all the answers – sometimes we are just so much better off to not say anything. I was recently in a planning meeting and because I am the founder of RedBalloon and have been hanging around for 11 years – I found that if I spoke in the planning meeting then a disproportional amount of attention may have been attached to my thoughts.

As a leader my job was to listen, both inside and outside the business.

Silence works.


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  1. Naomi – thank for reminding of us of this simple msg. It applies to everything in life.

  2. What a great article. The sentence.’only blog, twitter and fb if you have something of value to say.” How true, so often we forget this and talk gibberish.
    Thanks for a great article


  1. […] latest article is about listening: … as leaders we don’t have all the answers – sometimes we are just […]

  2. […] latest article is about listening: … as leaders we don’t have all the answers – sometimes we are just […]

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