As we start a new year – with one or more new years resolution… most of us will have considered what we do for work. If we are happy at work (where we spend so much of our time)… then some how life seems to come into flow.
I enjoyed reading James Clear in his article 6 Ways to Find Happiness at Work, there are a few things you can do to create a happier reality for yourself at work… I have four clear strategies from this:
Get Social – One of the key indicators of happiness is having a strong social network, and the workplace is no exception. Your company may not have a buddy program for newbies like we do at RedBalloon, but that’s no reason not to get to know your co-workers. Why not offer to do the morning coffee run and take everyone’s order? That way you’ll get to know names and earn some goodwill points at the same time! Go for a walk at lunchtime with a couple of colleagues; start an office book club; or bring in homemade treats for the whole team. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, but put a little thought into how you might be able to connect and get the conversation flowing.
Look For Chances To Excel – Jump on the front-foot and seek out opportunities to challenge yourself professionally. Put your hand up for a new project, or think of an improvement or innovation for the business that you can pitch to management. Alternatively, ask your manager if there’s anything additional you can take on or assist with. Show initiative and you’ll be noticed for it.
Being recognised, rewarded or acknowledged for this additional effort will make your experience of work all the richer.
Ask For Change – Be proactive and courageous. If your job, or part of your job is making you unhappy, speak up and ask if you can change it. Don’t be resigned to your fate, and don’t feel guilty for standing up for what’s important to you. Often other people are simply far too wrapped up in their own reality to notice if you’re feeling unhappy in yours, so speaking up is key to enacting change. Let’s get one thing straight though – we’re not giving you permission to whinge in the kitchen or bathroom about a horrible project or annoying co-worker, but rather giving encouragement to speak up to the right people. You may be surprised to see how a little communication can make a big impact.
Do Things For Others – Like the concept of paying it forward, we all feel good when we do something for or say something nice about another person. Making other people happy is a sure fire way to create a little joy for yourself, and this applies to the office as much as anywhere else. Acknowledge the good work of a colleague or compliment a co-worker on their outfit. This strategy also means taking a step back from criticism. You can be as kind in what you choose not to say as well as what you do.
Photo: RedBalloon colleagues Lauren and Sarah, with Mr Happy himself Shawn Achor – Author of the Happiness Advantage – and the great TED talk The happy secret to better work.
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