Is there an entrepreneur gene?

The whole concept of Entrepreneurship is interesting but are they born or are they created? The entrepreneur gene as it were. Why does one person risk it all to do something differently – whilst another dream but never acts, and yet another person could think of nothing worse than running their own show.
The buzz in the room was electric and exciting. Each talking on top of each other about the opportunities that could arise as a result of a slow down. All looking at what opportunities would come their way, what businesses they could create or buy as a result of a new playing field.
On my return, I was reading the latest “Grow your Business”  from and I thought it interesting to read Peter Switzer’s 29 characteristics that are ‘typical’ of those people who call themselves entrepreneurs – and Peter has talked to enough of them to know:

  1. Can’t work for anyone else – like to be the boss
  2. Egalitarian – like to be the boss, but they’re not elitist
  3. Takes action – They are not day dreamers
  4. Their business doesn’t make them a champion – from an early age, they are champions in the making
  5. Often launch with very little money
  6. Speak their mind
  7. Handle rejection
  8. Like to prove doubters wrong
  9. Know how to get around obstacles
  10. Believe in being hands-on
  11. Don’t mind being alone
  12. Can cope with failure
  13. Like control
  14. Future focused – don’t get caught in today
  15. They tick faster than the clock – they never watch the clock
  16. Adrenalin charged
  17. Manage time well
  18. Goal oriented
  19. Into self-improvement
  20. Often want to move faster than time
  21. Strong work ethic
  22. Having nothing is no barrier
  23. Often have a naive confidence in their own ability to do things
  24. Respect staff
  25. Understand the importance of systems in the business growth process
  26. Not afraid of making mistakes
  27. Make decisions even if they are wrong ones
  28. Don’t like to be penned in  – look for challenges
  29. Retirement is not an option

Just because someone starts a business – does not mean that they are an entrepreneur. It is something innate, the ‘dare devil’ within. The question remains can it be taught. We need as many people as possible who see opportunity rather than negativity – people who say ‘let’s go for it.’

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