The LinkedIn #BigIdeas2019 series looks at trends and predictions for 2019. We all wish we had a crystal ball… and I do my best in the video below. I offer my insight into what could be around the corner for business. I see some major shifts where competitors become strategic partners, where collaboration is pervasive, pressure will continue on the big five: Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Facebook to curtail their market dominance practices.

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There is no single avenue of how people will join together commercially. It might be through buying groups, marketplaces, associations, movements such as ‘buy local’… there will also be M&A activity that serves this purpose of joining forces.

The difference now is mindset. What I mean is that business owners used to think the shop next door was competition. But now there is safety in numbers – a broader offering serves the customer need.

As such, marketplaces will continue to be on the rise, and AI will be essential to help serve customers when and where they want to be served. And as blockchain matures it could provide a powerful basis of trust. It will be a scary but exciting ride, and I’m looking forward to it.

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