Adrenaline business acquired by BRG

David Anderson and I, as co-founders of The Big Red Group, are pleased to announce we have acquired the business of Adrenaline in Australia. The team have joined us and and is thriving in their new location in Sydney city with their colleagues from the broader Big Red Group.

This is the next exciting step in our entrepreneurial journey.

Adrenaline has, to date, served more than a million experiences to customers, with a primary focus on action and extreme sports. In addition to serving adventure seekers via its website, Adrenaline ‘adventure consultants’ also design and implement team building activities for businesses.

This acquisition significantly complements existing Big Red Group businesses:

  • shifts people’s experience at work through reward and recognition programs
  • RedBalloon delivers gift experiences to consumers and businesses across Australia and New Zealand
  • Marketics transforms digital marketing through Albert AI marketing technology.

As a combined group, the BRG is the largest online experience retailer in Australia, and is estimated to be the third largest pure play gift experience market place in the world. We’re proud to have achieved such scale in a relatively small market, and are excited by the opportunity to grow this influence on an international stage in the months and years to come.

We see momentum and demand building for experiences that serve different purposes for our customers – from gifting to team events, bucket lists, travel and the ‘things to do’ market.

We acquired Adrenaline as a step forward in the multi-brand strategy, we can expand our range to appeal to different audiences with different experience needs.

The BRG works with approximately 3000 experience supply partners across Australia and New Zealand, many of them small businesses. As experience aggregators, the BRG offers its partners another distribution channel, delivering repeat customers, brand reach and world-class technology as part of a shared service portfolio.

BRG is Australian owned and operated, and when people choose to buy from one of our brands they are supporting a broader community of small businesses.

In FY19 BRG will deliver an experience every minute, and we have aspirations to serve an experience every second, somewhere around the globe. It’s busy times ahead as we shift the way people experience life so we officially welcome Adrenaline into the BRG fold. And suggest this year is the year to break with tradition and buy experience gifts.

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