With the wonderful team at Studio 10 – sharing my start up business story

“How did you start?” is the question that I get asked most, which is a wonderful question because it also gets me to reflect. I was a guest on Channel Ten’s Studio 10 last week and this is the exactly the question they wanted me to answer – with a bit of a twist: How do you turn your passion into a business? So I share below the 5-minute video where I summarize the key steps I took to start my journey as an entrepreneur.
Clearly so much of my journey has been about living what I love. Passion and enthusiasm are contagious, as is confidence. A deep sense of vision and purpose have driven me always, and this has not changed.
Here is a check list to consider as you begin to plan your business:

  1. Is it something you believe in?
  2. Brand essence is about how people feel about your enterprise.
  3. Social Media can be great to test concepts and new audiences.
  4. How many people would pay money for the problem you are solving?
  5. Keep your overheads low.
  6. Listen deeply to customer feedback.
  7. Marketing is about consistency: where do customers hang out, and how much does it cost to attract them?
  8. Do you want to grow – or be the local hero? (Both are fine.)
  9. Do you really want to build an enterprise or have someone else do that?

This article first appeared on LinkedIn in March 2015. Needless to say if you want more, grab a copy of the book Live What You Love.

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