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One million RedBalloon experiences delivered

Today is momentous, for me personally and for the amazing RedBalloon team. Today, RedBalloon is celebrating the sale of a million RedBalloon experiences.
It seems like yesterday that I launched RedBalloon (during the dot com crash, no-one can accuse me of not having an optimistic outlook) and waited (and waited) for two months and four days to sell our first experience.
Thank you to our first customer, Damian Chown, who says he chose to purchase from RedBalloon because it was the only gift giving company of its kind that was established online. “Traditional gifting businesses at the time only gave you brochures and pamphlets to flick through. I liked the variety of RedBalloon’s offering and how easy it was to make a decision,” he said.
And our millionth customer is Lisa Harris who bought an engagement gift for her friends – a Chocolate Fondue and Martini for Two
It is amazing to see the dream becoming reality – especially creating such a vast and diverse community of suppliers, many of which are small businesses themselves who have achieved fabulous growth too.
Thank you to the RedBalloon team members, who excel looking after our customers and suppliers. Thank you to our customers, who trust us to deliver on amazing, memory-creating experiences.
I look forward to the journey forward, to the next million experiences.


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