The entrepreneur’s journey Coming Up this week 6 June 2016

Shark Tank Naomi Simson
Ginger and Smart #RedDress new collection – Thanks to EY for hosting at the Art Gallery of NSW on Thursday
Pick of the Month Newslink – I have signed copies in Canberra, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne airports this week


Sometimes I simply laugh because as I start each week with the question – “what is the one thing that I need to get done this week so that if I get it done everything will become easier?” This might seem like an easy question… however this week particularly I did not quite achieve it – though recruiting new team members will mean that the next weeks should get easier… Yet this week it was a wonderful blur of Ready to Soar, Shark Tank, RedBalloon and Redii… with a dash of Hegs. I traveled to Canberra for a speaking engagement on Employees are the new Customer, and return for the EY Entrepreneur of they Year NSW event talking about the millennial’s, trends and culture.

I flew to Melbourne to speak to a select group of leaders talking all things Employer Branding, returning to Sydney in plenty of time to be the live tweeter for Shark Tank Episode 5 – now on Wednesdays and Thursdays after Masterchef. A RedBalloon board meeting on Thursday, as well as being a guest for EY Women’s fashion event – Ginger and Smart showing their fabulous creations. And Brisbane for the EY Northern Region Entrepreneur of the year event talking all things start up to scale up  – Then to Melbourne to catch up with family and friends (and a game of footy) And the Melbourne Aquarium – to watch swimming with sharks..

This week too will be full – but wonderful.

Monday: Melissa Connell joins me as Executive Assistant, there will be a book signing, a meeting with a NSW minister, and Redii team catch ups

Tuesday: A day of meetings and moving the game forward. (Some writing might get done)

Wednesday: Radio interviews, 200 year anniversary of the Botanical Gardens celebration and Shark Tank after Masterchef on TEN (8.40) – Episode Six

Thursday: Adelaide for a Hegs planning meeting and EY Entprepreneur of the year presentation, returning to Sydney for the Heads Over Heels event (with a little promotion of Ready to Soar – thanks Dymocks) Shark Tank after Masterchef on TEN (8.40) – Episode Seven

Friday: Interviews and Channel Ten lunch… (then heading north for the long weekend)

Swimmng with sharks – the easy way at Sealife Melbourne Aquarium

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  1. Samantha Wilson
    6 June 2016 at 10:40 pm

    Hi Naomi! Happy to meet you! I’m amazed by your schedule for this week. How can you possible do all that? I can never manage my scheduling, especially when I’m om a business trip. Once I was nearly fired for being late (I’m such a procrastinator!).
    You’re a superwoman:) I’ll be looking forward to your news posts on the outcomes of your meetings and your future plans, too.
    Samantha (happy mom and writer)

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