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 There is such wonderful variety in each episode of Shark Tank and episode six is true to form – Aussie innovators who bet it all to get their idea off the ground. From Road Traffic Control to the eradication of skin cancer – getting you anything anywhere within 60 minutes to a natural doggie ablutions platform…. Incredible – here are my notes from set. There is a #SharkFight or two – but even a #Dogfight – wonderful

IMG_0325Cap Hat – Bernie came into the Tank  determined to make a difference to the number of people diagnosed with skin cancer in Australia. With $100k of family savings and 12 months full time – he knows the struggle of the entrepreneur’s journey. Not only was the design intended to be a skin cancer prevention mechanism, it was borne out of personal necessity – often why we love Aussie innovation the most. Will Bernie’s business interest one of the Sharks? I ask would big retailers jump at it – I guess there is only one way to find out.
 IMG_0392ASAP Delivery – This pitch was all about playing to the ‘on demand’ economy with people wanting things literally delivered to their desk or home without having to leave their computer to do it. However making a customer promise that anything can be delivered within 60 minutes is a big deal – and you cannot justify the customer promise with a ‘sometimes’ statement. They are playing a big game in a very cluttered space – with massive competitors – but maybe they have something special. As someone who is all about the customer, how can they be 100% sure that their drivers can achieve this? Where is the quality control? How do they vet drivers?

IMG_0584Catch up: Ranchero Sauce –  Flair, flavor, flamboyance and fun. Salsas and sauces. A couple who emigrated from Mexico only a few years ago have gone from $10ok revenue to $1m in the last year – with plans for $10m in the next year. From 150 retailers to 1500 retailers and a very bright future . This pic is of our very own Mexican feast! Sensational!

IMG_0319Potty PlantAlways helps to have ‘props’ for your pitch – and these cute dogs won Janine’s heart instantly. Though I am pretty sure that Julia only has eyes for Glen. Julia’s business was borne out of necessity – she lived in an apartment, along with many others. The claim is it is the only in-home toilet training system for puppies and dogs – delivered to your door. The challenge for apartment owners is that the synthetic options are purchased and the dogs don’t use it because they want the real stuff – imagine being locked in an apartment all day and you’re only given the synthetic stuff to do your business? It was a great pitch and Julia is committed and passionate – somehow I’m pretty sure a lot of work still needs to be done on the pricing of the subscription model.

 IMG_0386Automated Stop/Go Sign – This pitch made me wonder how many people there are out there in their garages and kitchens knocking up their idea… and really that is all you need – a proof of concept or at least something to show a customer. Fred a civil engineer thinks he can solve the safety issue of traffic workers being able to automate their signs. Now this pitch had a very reasonable valuation.
What fantastic diversity – see you again tomorrow night for Episode 7.

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