84% Say Clutter Adds to Stress

Too much stuff – deal with it – feel the joy! “Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.” Will Rogers According to the Australia Institute research paper “Stuff Happens”, 88% of Australians have at least one room where they stash trash and […]

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Happy people have one think in common

Here is a challenge for one day only, try not to experience life through a lens – could you?. How wonderful all the tools are that we use to capture glimpses of our lives, but they are just tools – they are not life. Recently, we surveyed close to 2,000 Australians to find out what […]

Three quick ways to make your world a better place

‘Every little bit helps’… environmental artist John Dahlsen (work above) spent 8 years collecting the thongs from the beach on the far north cost – one man’s trash is another mans profession. I listened to Matt Perry last week implore his audience of entrepreneurs at an EO event in Sydney…. that ‘it is up to […]

The ‘Fear of Missing Out’ epidemic

I pose the question’ are we so busy staying connected that we have disconnected?’ Are we so busy to dash off an email we forget that a quick phone call can not only do the trick but be more time effective (as well as build the relationship). Perhaps you prefer email to ‘sneaker net’ just […]

Clouds level the business playing field

I was invited a few weeks ago to attend the V8 Supercars in Launceston… in the 12 years I have now worked at RedBalloon I have seen many a car (and been in side many a V8) as they raced around the circuit…. and given that the event was in Tasmania – and my close […]

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Eight things that have disappeared at work

I started my career bright-eyed and bushy-tailed – committed to doing my best work – armed with my very precious degree – and now years later, I have been accused of starting a ‘namby pamby’ employment revolution… and I am impatient to influence the ‘happiness at work’ movement to a greater degree. As I reflect […]

Coming up this week 8 October 2012

Last week was all about publishing! – I had known for a month or so that launch date for the LinkedIn Influencer Program was 2 October – so I had been working hard on presenting my ideas and opinions in blog posts.  I have been very happy with the first week  and the reaction my […]