My advice? Create rhythm in your business and life

My husband (of five months) took me aside last week and said “I do know that this is just the way our life is – you are running a million miles an hour, committed to supporting business owners in their commercial success, but remember you can only do that if you look after yourself.” The man I adore was calling me out – with everything I have on my plate he said “remember, it’s the rhythm that keeps you moving forward”.
I have been touching on rhythm a lot lately in these past few weeks, particularly in a business context. Yet it rings just as true in our personal lives.

With the consistent pressures on business owners, I believe that it is the rhythm with our own well-being that will support us. We must look after ourselves so that we can look after others.

So, as my wonderful husband reminded me: “back to basics – you must not give up the rituals that gave you momentum and that sustain you both emotionally and physically…”.

Although the rhythm of some of my regular rituals may have fallen by the way side (I will be bringing these back!), I thought I’d jot down some of the things I do that really help me stay centered on my journey both in business, and in life. Hopefully they can help you too.

My tips to bring rhythm into your life:

  1. Wake up early. Enjoy the sunrise. Enjoy the quiet pace of the early morning. Use this time to reflect, meditate and create the day.
  2. We say that we are business owners because of our family – yet where does family sit in the pecking order? It is worth reflecting on that. I used to book all the family holidays at the beginning of the year so that they were in the diary (and a not negotiable) – which also gives everyone something to really look forward to.
  3. Be curious about the deepest questions – be prepared to ask them and seek the answers.
  4. My mother said that a ‘lady’ never eats and walks. It is true that food and eating is also a time for connection or reflection. Eat your food slowly and enjoy the tastes and textures. It is not fuel alone. Be really present to your food and sustenance (put away the devices).
  5. Go for a walk and enjoy nature. I am fortunate because I catch a ferry to work, but no matter your mode of transport – make your commute your thinking time… sometimes my greatest experiences of joy come from noticing the surroundings I find myself in.
  6. Have a creative outlet, mine is painting. When I get the paints out and have a blank canvas I move into a different realm.
  7. Make time with your friends – be the one to pick up the phone – and organise the catchups and lunches. Everyone I know is busy, and they are so ‘grateful’ when I do make the effort to organise events (it really is not that hard).
  8. Do one thing at a time. What is the one thing in your personal life that when you get it done everything will become easier? Multitasking is not always the most productive way forward.
  9. Help others. You might take your talents for granted, but simply being kind to others really nurtures your own well being. Recognise how you do contribute to others – be mindful about it.
  10. Have someone who will stand up to you, stand up for you and hold you to account on who you are for others.

So thank you dearest husband, I appreciate that you hold up the mirror…

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