In the Blood: Sydney Swans Ambassador

I was recently invited to be an ambassador of the Sydney Swans which might be one of the easiest roles I have ever had to play. The season is about to commence and I recently shared with the club my thoughts about the game (and a bit of background to my involvement) this is what I said.
“By way of introduction, it is not just our mutual love for the colour Red (and White) that draws me to the Sydney Swans. I have had almost a 45-year history of the game.
As a child originally from Melbourne (I have lived in Sydney for 25 years) – I was brought up with football. VFL in those days was a big part of our upbringing in Melbourne. Being the ‘all in’ sort of high school girl I was – I was not sure why girls were excluded from playing the game – to that end in year 8 I established a girls football team at school and had the PE teacher coach us. This seems a very long time ago – but still, makes me laugh. Finally, we see the women’s code coming to fruition.
Since moving to Sydney a quarter of a century ago I have been avid a supporter of the Sydney Swans. As our children grew, our memberships and family times at the SCG were a very special time – it is one love that we all have in common. We always have something to talk about when it comes to the Swans.
I have known a few players over the years including Paul Roos and the thing that I find absolutely inspiring is their single-minded purpose and sheer focus. To me, AFL is a family game and upholds family values. It is important that my children have heroes (and play a code) that has integrity and a strong sense of values.
Sydney Swans represents to us not only fabulous entertainment but an organisation that understands the important role that it plays in our community. It is a true privilege for me to be an Ambassador of the Sydney Swans. A code, a game and a team that I am proud to support and promote.”
Naomi Simson Husband Sydney Swans

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