Shark Tank Australia S1 Episode Fifteen on TEN

What an amazing first series of Shark Tank Australia – Channel Ten and Shine Australia did a sterling job of bringing together such an amazing variety of inventors and entrepreneurs. I have been delighted to hear the impact that the show has had on people dreaming about their ‘big idea’. Is this my favourite episode […]

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What new thing did you do today?

Life is too short to miss out on new experiences; routine can be wonderful but new things stimulate our creativity, conversation and the richness of life.  What have you got on your ‘one day some day maybe’ list?… What is it that you have always wanted to do but have delayed because it is too […]

Shark Tank Australia S1 Episode Thirteen on TEN

There are still so many ideas, businesses and concepts that are coming before us. Each time those doors open I wonder – “What will I learn about this time?” With every pitch we learn not just about a different industry or market – we also learn more about people and what drives them. We get […]

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Shark Tank Australia S1 Episode Twelve on TEN

After having a week off – because we were busy meeting new people at the #TVWeekLogies – we were back in the Shark Tank at the new time of 9.00 Sunday. I know this is a big family show – and that kids love talking about the program – there are still plenty of opportunities […]

Shark Tank Australia S1 Episode Eleven on TEN

In reviewing my notes for this episode I was left feeling a little sad. I know this is not an emotion that we often talk about when it comes to business. In my book Live What You Love I talk about the four elements to support living a life of passion and purpose. One of […]

Good is the enemy of Great – Jim Collins

It is now more than a month since I sat enthralled with thousands of other Australians listening to one of the worlds great business commentators – Jim Collins. Having consumed his books and been influenced by his insights into leadership and greatness, I wondered what would stand out for me as time moves on. His […]

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Why “I didn’t know” is no excuse

This article first appeared on LinkedIn in March 2015. I was always getting into trouble as a child and breaking the rules. At the time I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I didn’t think anyone would notice. I was trying to ‘get away with it’. One thing I have found fascinating through […]

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Shark Tank Australia S1 Episode Four on TEN

Here is my review of the pitches we saw in Shark Tank Australia episode 4 – yet another great show demonstrating the diversity of Australian innovation. It was pretty exciting to see such a big pitch come into the Tank…   Scope My Project – The two founders clearly did not appreciate the sorts of […]

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Shark Tank Australia S1 Episode Three on TEN

I kept a database and notes on every single pitch that we saw during the filming of Shark Tank for TEN. These are the notes of each of the pitches in Episode Three. Surfsafe – Dave Smith is the founder and inventor of a shark repellent device that is embedded in surf boards. The device […]

Shark Tank Australia S1 Episode Two on TEN

I know this might sound fanatical – but I kept a database and notes on every single pitch that we saw during the filming of Shark Tank for TEN. This could be because I need an extra brain – or it might be because some of the businesses we saw were just a little early […]