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What I’ve learned – 8 May 2017

Best Business Advice My blog theme for the month, as the title suggests, is ‘Best Business Advice’. Throughout my career I’ve had many people offer ‘nuggets of gold’ that have benefited me greatly, unbeknownst to them. That’s the amazing thing about advice, you never know what’s going to stick with someone. All month I’ll be […]

The Future of Work for business owners

The Future of SMEs After reading the findings of a recent SmartCompany research study, titled ‘The SME of the future’, I found the shifts in key trends for business owners that they highlighted, fascinating. The study acknowledged that the nature of work has changed and as a result, so has our notion of personal time. As business […]

How female founders fare on Shark Tank Australia.

How female founders fare on Shark Tank Australia Another year has passed and it is International Women’s Day #IWD again and the media will commentate on the gender pay gap, the lack of women in leadership, and the continued unconscious bias against women in many areas of the work landscape. What about female founders and […]

Employee Feedback

Employee Feedback

Employee Feedback can be confronting What I didn’t know…. One of the greatest challenges faced by us as individuals, team players, employees or leaders is that it is very difficult for us to get perspective. That is ‘we don’t know what we don’t know’ and we don’t even know how to see what we need […]

When Small is Big.

When Small is Big.

When Small is Big – Agility When you’re in small business you may pretend to be bigger than you really are. (Giving people big titles is an example). When Small is Big is when you can respond quickly. But when you’re in big business you often pretend to be small, agile, innovative and entrepreneurial. I […]

Embarrassing Business moment

Embarrassing business moment…mistakes really

Tell us about your embarrassing business moment Of course, no one wants to have an embarrassing business moment. Before we launched RedBalloon in 2001 we had a monumental stuff up with a test email newsletter going out to our prospective customers without approval by an external supplier. Today we have had another huge nightmare – […]

great work place

A fishy tale about great workplaces

This one is all about creating great workplaces I am passionate about having fun at work – but it’s not just because I like to laugh. A great culture is about people being able to do their best work. When people are having fun they are also creative, innovative and will give their discretionary effort. […]