Taking a Stand in Marketing

As part of our Grow theme (see previous post)  RedBalloon is hosting a series of ‘Lunch and Learns’ internally for our people. Our first speaker for the season was Daniel Gregory (creative director Smart Agency –also known for his regular spot on The ABCs Gruen Transfer). Fabulous to hear about some of the great campaigns […]

Disgusted… I want authentic marketing

First of all I would like to say to the advertising agencies working on with the political parties for this election… tough gig – the fees must be nice – but, ugh, I bet the briefs you are receiving are cluttered – and the approval process a nightmare. I was watching ‘Top Gear ‘with my […]

Cut through

I’m a marketer and a ‘sucker’ for new things… but the shear volume of messages that I’m bombarded with each day overwhelms. It is very hard to be a remarkable ‘purple cow’ as Seth Godin implored – when everyone is claiming to be a ‘purple cow.’ Real cut through comes from the authentic experience someone […]

Who is Australia’s Dream (and Worst) Employer?

I’ve often blogged about how people talk about the business they work for – this century anyone and everyone can be a publisher – using twitter and facebook to talk about their work place. An employer brand is part of the powerful marketing mix in creating customer experience. If we think of company X favourably […]

Corporate Customer Love

I recently read the book Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh – CEO of Zappos.com – He believes much of the success of his $1billion online retail business comes from it’s commitment to the culture of the business – which allows every person in the business to stay customer focussed. He talks about customer happiness with […]

A new listening post

I’m sure it is not just my imagination – but I seem to have LinkedIn messages coming to me daily. I joined years ago and sort of let it sit there. Now I find that I am catching up with colleagues from a very distant past – and joining interesting discussion on topics such as […]

Naomi Simson versus Elle MacPherson

“Naomi vs Elle” say the RedBallooners

I have to admit this made me laugh. I was recently nominated for the Instyle Women of Style Awards, up against Elle MacPherson and Kristina Karlsson from kikki.K in the Business Category. I attended the awards night and was both surprised and delighted to be named as the winner of the Business category. Little did […]


I’m very exciting that RedBalloon is recruiting for a new role, a Customer Excellence Manager.  We see it as the next big step in our growth and innovation story. To put it in context; I’ve always used the title Chief Experience Officer (in part because of what we sell) but more so because ‘I’m accountable […]

Super Saver….

My colleague Sarah joined RedBalloon on April Fools Day in 2004 – she is fast approaching her five year anniversary. With any special occasion it gives us a moment to reflect. I’m sure Sarah could share much better than I about the changes she has experienced at RedBalloon…and the ones she has championed. She was […]

Roman Holiday – Brand lessons

After a massively long and productive 2009 it is time to refresh… It is family time. As the kids are much older now, their first trip to Europe has been in the planning for more than a year. Italy for a month. It is wonderful to watch them delight at ice skating on the banks […]

Lessons learned in Kindergarten still apply

It might sound basic but one of the key questions I get asked is how do we get people to have fun and be extremely productive at work. What keeps the workplace interesting, people motivated and most importantly make it a fun place to be? Sometimes it is the simplest things that make the difference. […]