This week will see some significant enhancements to the RedBalloon offering…. All of the innovations that we will announce this week have all been driven by our single minded purpose: ‘RedBalloon is changing gifting in Australia forever’. Over the past five years this sense of purpose has driven much of our innovation in our Corporate […]

Five points on Social Media iStrategy 2010

I spoke on a panel this week at the inaugural Australian iStrategy event. (there were about 400 in attendance)  I’m very glad that I got input from Vashti who heads up our @redballoonteam effort because it is our marketing guru’s at RedBalloon who own the strategy. As we formulated our ideas of what I would […]

Insights from iStrategy Sydney 2010

iStrategy is all about getting marketing ideas into a melting pot and learning from others. Here’s some food for thought based on this slide from Cliff Rosenberg at Linkedin: ‘Even if you don’t understand the concept of social media, you need to fully understand that you, as a company are no longer in control of […]

Dream Employers – a brand story.

At the launch event for the Dream Employers, as a participant of the panel – James Garriock, CEO Insync Surveys asked me to respond to the following questions… I share with you the essence of my answers. 1.        Brand is the most appealing attribute for a Dream Employer.  What builds a brand and do you […]

Which RedBalloon for Oprah?

Sometimes – one does get slightly stuck on what to give someone… but if this someone happens to be very important – and her first ever (and maybe only trip to Australia) which RedBalloon experience would be perfect for her trip in December – HELP? Oprah Winfrey is coming to Australia for the first time […]

Putting on the Lipstick

Thanks Minh, Alex, Joy and Philippa for giving my blog a face lift. Nice that my blog is now in line with all the other RedBalloon sites. We can’t have the CEO with the oldest looking blog… I have now been blogging for close to five years. I find that it is a great place […]

Coming up this week

My wee brain has been in overload this week – learning as much as I can… I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge, to learn and discover new things. I find that when I am with people who also have an inquiring mind that conversations get vivid and very interesting. This week I attended the […]

Five lessons from legendary brands

I’m at the Marcus Evans CMO (chief marketing officer) Summit on the Gold Coast – listening, and learning. Richard Sauerman – told us today he ‘does not want to tell us how to suck eggs’. Marketers speaking to marketers you’d want to stay away from the basics here. We are all looking for something new, […]

Coming up this week

This week was frantic – I suspect it is that Christmas preparations are now in full swing. Working with our retailers, and distribution partners to make sure we have the right product in the right place in plenty of time. Also working with many businesses on inspiring their people. Apart from the trip to Melbourne […]

Happy snap of my wardrobe

What to wear.

I was reading an article recently in HR Daily about dress codes for work. Kind of interesting that it is a topic of discussion in an HR publication. My first job when I graduated from university, as a naive young graduate (1984) was with IBM (in New York). On our first day as part of […]