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Our path to RedBalloon may differ but our purpose aligns.

As I look around the office at RedBalloon I note that we are ready waiting for the Christmas rush to begin in earnest. We have had many new RedBallooners join us recently as we continue to grow significantly. I understand that there have now been 214 RedBallooners in our 12 year history – walk through […]

Replacing Myself

Being a fast growth business and named a best employer for the last five years means that clearly recruitment is at the core of everything we do. As the founding director and the entrepreneur who started RedBalloon and grew it to a significant sized business, the hardest hire ever was the person I had to […]

The way work really happens

A colleague called me from a bus this morning to tell me she’d be unable to make an 8.30am meeting because the “traffic was at a standstill”. The fact she had left her home – a mere 19 kilometers from the office – at 6.30am that morning still did not guarantee she’d get to work […]

Six warning signs for lagging leadership

  [This appeared on LinkedIn Thought Leaders first – on 24 October 2012] In Australia we have a notion called ‘tall poppy syndrome’ which means that culturally people who have merit are derided by their community. Not very productive really in a country which needs strong, decisive leaders more than ever. True leadership does not […]

A story of four people

People do often ask what is the ‘one thing’ that I believe has created the success of RedBalloon. There is not ‘one thing’ – except maybe lot’s of hard work by lot’s of people. But I do know that accountability is a big part of that – and that my personal motto has always been […]

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Everyone’s contribution is equally as important

Recently I received a ‘letter to the editor’ in response to my article in The Australian: Role models key to end gender imbalance Goals for women IF Naomi Simson‘s goal is to get more women on boards, she should start by not denigrating the role of parenting. ?The women’s movement has failed in what should […]

Two lessons in the past shaping the future

I was asked these two challenging questions as part of the interview process for a publication  – After a little pondering – I explored the most painful… and thought I would share. What one event in your past has shaped your present? I have learned just as much from poor managers as I have from […]

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Entrepreneurs Dream

The ideal scenario is that we start a business that is highly successful, that has a unique place in its market and that continues to innovate to meet changing market needs. Others often regard our success in these terms. But there is very much a personal side to the building of the business. It obviously […]

Coming up this week – 13 Dec 2010

These are of course busy times at RedBalloon. It really is how much can I possibly pack in to a week. (and how many packs can we ship out this week) Last week was the Dream Employer Webinar and had some great questions – some of which we answered during the Webinar – the others […]

Three Lessons in tough love

I just heard from a friend of mine who lives in NYC – that he has resigned from his GM role because the owner of the business said, “I don’t want happy people I want factory workers”. My friend was completely disheartened – he thought business owners were enlightened – and understood that happy people […]

Role models

This morning I did a Mysore yoga session – these are not classes as such – more a collection of people who all follow the same yoga sequences. As I look around the room I know that I am not very flexible and I admire the shear ability of many of the other participants. Rather […]