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Qantas Unions will determine this week

As I sit to write my regular ‘Coming up this week’ blog it is not as simple as looking in my calendar and preparing myself for what lies ahead. Last week was a complete whirlwind – three speaking engagements, two entrepreneurial workshops and one EY entrepreneur of the year judging… which were in addition to […]

A ‘luxury’ brand experience.

I am fascinated by how organizations personify the brand experience.  It is often so hard to get it right. One thing is promised in advertising but the in store experience is completely different. Company owned stores, however should ‘in theory’ have a far better ability to ensure that the brand is executed consistently at every […]

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Coming up this week – 7 Feb 2011.

Verne Harnish raised an interesting question this week in his Insights Newsletter… the notion that there are no such people as ‘internal customers’. This week I had such a variety of customer conversations. I am very clear that our customers are those people who spend money with us…. However I also believe that the idea […]

Thank you

‘I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks’. William Shakespeare. As I just complete my tenth Christmas at RedBalloon – I experience a sense of overwhelming gratitude. I have been truly humbled to see how RedBalloon has captured the imagination of so very many people. In my wildest dreams ten years ago I […]

Five points on Social Media iStrategy 2010

I spoke on a panel this week at the inaugural Australian iStrategy event. (there were about 400 in attendance)  I’m very glad that I got input from Vashti who heads up our @redballoonteam effort because it is our marketing guru’s at RedBalloon who own the strategy. As we formulated our ideas of what I would […]

Cut through

I’m a marketer and a ‘sucker’ for new things… but the shear volume of messages that I’m bombarded with each day overwhelms. It is very hard to be a remarkable ‘purple cow’ as Seth Godin implored – when everyone is claiming to be a ‘purple cow.’ Real cut through comes from the authentic experience someone […]

Corporate Customer Love

I recently read the book Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh – CEO of – He believes much of the success of his $1billion online retail business comes from it’s commitment to the culture of the business – which allows every person in the business to stay customer focussed. He talks about customer happiness with […]

The 10 point Customer Excellence Checklist

I’ve been reading the book ‘Delivering Happiness’ by Tony Hsieh CEO of There are a significant number of similarities between RedBalloon and Zappos. As CEOs we both wanted to create a place where we too wanted to work. We both believe in experiences over stuff, we both believe that the key to success of […]

A new listening post

I’m sure it is not just my imagination – but I seem to have LinkedIn messages coming to me daily. I joined years ago and sort of let it sit there. Now I find that I am catching up with colleagues from a very distant past – and joining interesting discussion on topics such as […]


I’m very exciting that RedBalloon is recruiting for a new role, a Customer Excellence Manager.  We see it as the next big step in our growth and innovation story. To put it in context; I’ve always used the title Chief Experience Officer (in part because of what we sell) but more so because ‘I’m accountable […]

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Employee Engagement 101

Some of my colleagues attended an event last week on Employee Engagement. The speaker asked who ‘knew what employee engagement was?’ Only 5 of the 60 HR professionals attending put up their hands. Either they were to shy to say or this is not a priority to truly understand employee engagement. Yet more than ever […]