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The power of crowds vs the power of many.

The power of ‘crowds’ has taken hold over recent years. Crowdfunding, crowd reviews, crowd sourcing – though we are seeing a little less crowd ‘surfing’ than we used to. But rather than crowd – the real question is the power of many. When I look at businesses that come into Shark Tank  – or anybody […]

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New ‘crop’ of great innovators

Here is a list of the teams that pitched. More information is available on the MAP website. ·         Hypetap is a platform that connects an invitation only network of agencies, brands and influencers to work on marketing campaigns together. A full suite of management tools allows brands and agencies to easily find influencers, negotiate, facilitate payments, […]

Naomi Simson Shark Tank season 1

The before & after of Shark Tank series one

Network TEN’s last episode of Series One of Shark Tank Australia will air at 9.00pm this Sunday. I know it will be a fabulous finale – with laughter, lessons and legendary pitches… we will definitely go out with a bang. It also gives me a moment to reflect. How life has changed, the impact the […]

Shark Tank Australia S1 Episode Fourteen on TEN

One of the things I have delighted about in being part of Shark Tank is that we are amplifying the diversity of great innovation – that is we are demonstrating to the whole of Australia that anyone can be an innovator – whilst educating people on what it takes to build a business. Here are […]

Six things to do to make sure you have a great day at work

  How many positive experiences did you have at work today? I have spent the last few days at the Spire HR Summit in Singapore, learning from renowned HR experts about the challenges and issues, but more importantly the opportunities in today’s market of “people”. My plenary session was on Day 1 and I chose […]

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Shark Tank Australia S1 Episode Twelve on TEN

After having a week off – because we were busy meeting new people at the #TVWeekLogies – we were back in the Shark Tank at the new time of 9.00 Sunday. I know this is a big family show – and that kids love talking about the program – there are still plenty of opportunities […]

Good is the enemy of Great – Jim Collins

It is now more than a month since I sat enthralled with thousands of other Australians listening to one of the worlds great business commentators – Jim Collins. Having consumed his books and been influenced by his insights into leadership and greatness, I wondered what would stand out for me as time moves on. His […]

Shark Tank Australia S1 Episode Nine on TEN

In some ways Episode Nine was all about family. I think many people would have robust discussions based on their personal experience with the problems that each of our entrepreneurs presented to the Sharks. I remember as a young mum literally juggling two small children at bath time – Problem solved CharliChair.  I put it […]