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I was a little embarrassed today, when someone I do want to catch up with suggested a bunch of dates to see me in November… and the only time we could find was in the new year – argh! I can feel the year closing quickly.

I had such a great week to start November, the launch of Behind Glass Doors – a history of the Australian advertising industry – where I bumped in to some friends that I had not seen for what seemed like forever.

Being invited by Emirates to the Emirates Melbourne Cup was a wonderful experience on so many levels – not just because of the airlines’ attention to detail and wonderful hospitality, (okay being made to feel like a princess) I also got to wear a hat designed by long time friend and founder of Embellish Atelier, and meet such a wonderful variety of politicians, media, musicians and other business people; interesting conversations from the ‘state of the economy’ to who would ‘win the race’.


Squeezing in a family dinner on Tuesday night with ‘our’ four was a highlight too.

Wednesday, I was part of the panel at Herbert Smith Freehills watching some great start up pitches… some who captured our hearts and minds – others who we were simply in awe of wondering ‘how did they come up with that idea?’.

Thursday, I needed a day at home to start the draft of the three year plan for Redii – though I did take a break for a long lunch with my daughter who was in Sydney for a few days of R&R.

Friday, was an early start to be with Channel Ten as it launched it’s 2017 programming to agencies and the media; Shark Tank Series 3 was ‘officially’ announced, we’re bringing the old team back together! Then lunch with Emma Isaacs, CEO Business Chicks US, who is in town for the Darwin launch event, and a number of other Business Chicks events – she is such an inspiring human.

A sneaky highlight of the week was being invited to be one of the Ambassadors for the Sydney Swans in 2017… a role I will most proudly take on.


On the weekend we were hosted by Chris Gray of Your Empire on GhostII.

To summarise this week, I learned a lot, I laughed many times – and I valued so much the friends I have around me who challenge my thinking and get me to keep working hard on my entrepreneurial pursuits. Thanks team!

I often reflect, and I did move the game forward.

The week ahead:

Monday: All hands team meeting at Redii.
Tuesday: Presentation by Audette Exel as part of the Entrepreneurs Organization event.
Wednesday: RedBalloon activity and Shark Tank preparation
Thursday: Filming commences for Shark Tank Series 3
Friday: And four weeks of filming is now in full swing. (Meaning that I don’t come up for air until December)


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  1. It’s so inspiring to see fellow entrepreneurs hanging out together.

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