Facebook Live: Customer growth, CRM and enhancing customer experience

Things have been busy over here with loads of exciting projects happening behind the scenes including news finally breaking that Shark Tank will be back on our screens on June 20…
Right now, I am Stateside in San Francisco. While I am over here I’ll be visiting some fascinating corporate headquarters and I’ll do my best to keep you looped in on social media — so keep an eye out.
Reminder: Facebook Live this week!
If you’re a business owner and need some help growing your customer base you’ll benefit by tuning into my Facebook Live event this week. I’ll be coming to you live from the USA where I will be chatting to Tiffani Bova about all things customer growth and CRM. Come across to my Facebook page here at 9am AEST Wednesday 7 June to learn how to enhance your customer experience and leave any questions there.
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Last Week

In between work as usual for RedBalloon and Redii, last week saw me running around for some promotional work for Shark Tank. I also got the chance to have tea with Jules Sebastian as well as a ‘Date with Kate’ Waterhouse — be sure to look out for that.
During the week I spoke at the Project Management Institute Australia conference to a group of 500 Project Managers. It is always interesting infusing diversity into your perspective by speaking to people outside of you immediate industry.

Thought for the week

Work hard, stay humble

What I’m reading

Great insight from Entrepreneurs Organisation Sydney members on the six qualities you need to succeed in business! 
Read the stories of 25 self-made billionaires and what they did in their twenties…
Never limit yourself to just the startup/business world… here are 10 Ted Talks and big ideas from people in different fields — diversity is the key to innovation.

On the blog

If you’re in Sydney and you haven’t had a chance to check out Vivid… I highly recommend that you do! Here are my top 5 recommendations to enjoy the sights of Vivid while cruising Sydney Harbour…
On the topic of old Sydney town… I thought I’d also share my ten favourite things to do in beautiful Sydney.

Where to get my books

Ready to Soar (how to turn your brilliant idea into a business you love) – grab chapter one for free here!
Live What You Love (When Passion and Purpose Change your Life.)

Quote of the week

Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion

In the Media

Shark Tank season three to air this month, with a record-breaking $2.5 million deal on the table.

Australia’s business superstars are back and they are ready to invest, with TEN confirming its family entertainment show Shark Tank is returning on Tuesday, 20 June at 8.30pm.

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