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Thanks to those people who inbox me at naomisimson.com with questions, requests and offers… but in some ways, as I attempt to answer your questions one-by-one I realise there may be many other people who could benefit from the answer. It’s with that in mind, that I chose to setup a private group for everyone who subscribes to hear from me. I think it’s an effective way to create some two-way conversation like-minded people, curious and interested in creating a better in business – and in so doing a ‘better’ life.
When you’re seeking answers, or finding solutions, remember that you are not alone. Whilst it is your journey – others in this group may well have experience in the same area which could equally provide value to the problem you are trying to solve.
You too may be able to help someone else with your insights, so please feel free to do so. Whilst I’ll be as active as possible within this group I won’t be able to respond to every question immediately, but my intention is that this community can be an important hub where we can all solve problems and share success together.

Last week

Early in the week I presented at the The UK’s Department for International Trade, through its Global Entrepreneur Programme, which was seeking out Australian and New Zealand startup companies pitch over a 24 hour period to top investors, receive mentoring and advice and be in the running for a trip to the UK.  The kick off was hosted by the Consul General in his home.
The kick off was hosted by the Consul General in his home
I presented to the group on the art of pitching… ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ – I’m doing my best to get the footage of this 10 minute session to add to the Private Group
On Tuesday I met Daymond Johns from the US Shark Tank. In Australia, we are not so familiar with his achievements.  He turned a $40 budget into FUBU, a $6 billion fashion business. In addition to that the 48-year-old is a New York Times best-selling author, branding expert and a motivational speaker (why he was in Australia). Most recently, President Barack Obama appointed Daymond a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship, a position focused on promoting the power and importance of entrepreneurship on a global scale.
I listened and learned to discover that the process for the Shark Tank invested companies in the US. Daymond was able to give insights into how he and his fellow Sharks work together (and don’t) and I found it similar to our own experience here.

Coming Up

This week will be mostly about International Women’s day – I have three speaking engagements to talk about balance voice.
I have drafted a blog entitled How female founder fair on Shark Tank Australia.
I will be in Melbourne on Thursday for the University of Melbourne Annual Foundation Dinner Faculty of Business and Economics Board (To which I was recently appointed a director).
Friday sees me in the Gold Coast speaking to the Pharmacy Guild.
Saturday I will be in Mt Isa for the Zonta International Women’s Day Gala Dinner.
Big week, always insightful, to meet and learn from other business owners.

Thought for the week:

Nothing worth having comes easily
Nothing worth having comes easily

What I am reading:

Beyond Belief – Hugh Mackay
How to Align Culture and Strategy
Success Doesn’t Strike, It Accumulates.
Where Most First-Time Founders Go (Horribly) Wrong
If You Make These Choices Every Day You’ll Never Have Regrets in Life – The Mission
This Morning Routine will Save You 20+ Hours Per Week

What I wrote recently:

What is going on for startups?
The seven traits of an innovator

In the media last week:

Gravity Coworking gets Naomi Simson: RedBalloon head entrepreneur in residence
Why Shark Tank judge Naomi Simson is joining Gravity Coworking as its entrepreneur-in-residence
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RedBalloon founder and Shark Tank investor Naomi Simson: On learning to listen

“Often we get people who come before us whose ideas aren’t fully evolved yet. What often happens is we see people come in and they are so in love with what they think they’re going to do they actually can’t listen. The critical thing to business growth is your ability to listen. We were given to ears and one mouth for a reason.”

Where to get:

Ready to Soar (how to turn your brilliant idea into a business you love)
Live What You Love (When Passion and Purpose Change your Life)

Quote of the week:

If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough

Where you will find me:



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