Shark Tank Season 4 Episode 8

It’s Tuesday and you all know what that means… five Sharks in a Tank fighting it out for a stake in some great Aussie businesses. A trend we’ve seen so far this season is a real passion to save the environment and that trend continues tonight. First in the Tank tonight is…


Laynton and Adrian are the founders of a childcare and education company that is an innovation solution for busy working parents – school holiday programs in the workplace. Their self-developed curriculum covers many areas from drama to science to art to sport. It’s a B2B model and they deal directly with the HR departments of larger companies. They’re currently in 9 companies across 12 sites with 15 more companies ready to pilot in the next holiday period. The guys are here in the Tank looking for 375k for a 15% stake in their company valuing it at $2.5million, however as such a young business I wonder if their projections are a little generous?

Kidsco. Shark Tank Australia

Heidi believes that she’s onto something… a stubby cooler for an ice bucket. She says she can sell ice to an Eskimo and is asking the Sharks for 260k for 10% of her business valuing her business at a whopping 2.6 million. Her passion for getting something off the ground is clear and admirable however without sales in the pipeline will she get a Shark over the line?

Ice Bucket Skins
Ice Bucket Skins Shark Tank
Bare + Boho

Jordan is the founder and designer of Bare + Boho, a company that creates reusable, eco-friendly products for mothers and babies. She shocks us when she says that 7 million dirty nappies end up in the garbage every day in Australia so her business is designed to reduce costs and waste. Up until now, Jordan has managed everything on her own and wants some guidance from a Shark so she’s come to the Tank asking for 85k in exchange for a 30% stake in her business. She’s a passionate entrepreneur but will her business have cut through in a very busy market?

Bare and Boho Shark Tank Australia

Jon and Rafael have created a business that allows consumers and businesses to be matched with qualified tradespeople. Tenants can track their tradies on a map and then once the job is completed the customer can give feedback about the job they received. They’re in the Tank asking for 250k for 10% of their company, valuing the business at 2.5 million. Targeting property management offices via a subscription model there are a few similar apps in the market, I wonder if they’ll be able to set their business apart?

Bricks + Agent
Bricks Agent Shark Tank.

That’s it for Shark Tank this week… but remember you can always catch up on the episodes at Ten Play. All Shark Tank Australia information including blog posts, products and companies from all seasons can be found here…

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