Shark Tank Season 4 Episode 5

We’re on again in the Tank tonight with some brand new Aussie innovators. Tonight proves that age is no barrier when it comes to following your dreams.

First up in the Tank is…

Mealtime can be stressful for parents of young kids and Julie-Anne and Glen have a solution. They’ve come to the Tank to pitch their food bottle – an invention with patents pending in 38 countries their product streamlines meal times for busy Mums and Dads. Reducing mess and giving back time, the pair have come in asking for 120k for 12% of their business valuing it at $1 million. Manufactured locally in Melbourne, the bottle isn’t limited to children – adults also use it for smoothies and shakes. The pair have spent a fair amount bit to get where they are, but they’re here to land the expertise of a Shark to help them get their products in front of more eyeballs. Will a Shark take a bit of the bottle?
Shark Tank Subo
Nicole is a dedicated entrepreneur with a strong vision for her healthy food company that makes Vegelicious and Dahlicious refrigerated pre packaged meals. She’s come to us asking for 100k in exchange for 10% equity in her business dropping another million dollar valuation into the Tank tonight! With over 10% of Australians saying they’re vegan or vegetarian, Nicole is tapping into a growing market. With a try to buy percentage of 90% and distribution in five states, Nichole wants to take her business international and is after a Shark to help her with her goals. I wonder which Shark has the taste buds for Nichole’s food?
Delicious Foods Australia
Shark Tank Delicious Foods Australia
Double Chuck Drill
Double Chuck Drill
There’s no stopping someone when they’re following their passion with persistence and that includes age – Bill and John are examples of just that. Two blokes who met at the Melbourne Inventors Association, John built his first prototype of a Double Chuck Drill 28 years ago and he’s kept on keeping on since then. John has put a lot of money behind his invention to date and they’ve come to pitch to the Sharks because they’re in need of help. Bill says John has ‘stickability’ which is hard to deny, who’s going to swim toward this one?
Shark Tank Double Chuck Drill
Laura, originally from Brisbane but living in the U.S., is the CEO of her academic transcription company and is in business with her Mum (the CFO). The company provides transcripts for audio or video content via an online platform. She’s come to us asking for 300k for 20% equity valuing her business at 1.5 million. Laura has built the business to facilitate her passion – acting – and in the last financial year the company hit 1.39 million in revenue with a 400k in profit. With a CEO that only works part time in the business, I wonder how much the business can grow… and whether a Shark will share her vision…
Academic Transcription
Shark Tank Academic Transcription
Another week in the Tank is done and dusted! Always remember that you can catch up on the episodes at Ten Play.

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