Shark Tank Season 4 Episode 13

Wow — another season has come and gone and I’ve had the privilege of listening to the stories and future plans of many entrepreneurs. I commend the business owners who have the courage to stand in front of the Sharks and pitch their dreams to us — well done to all of you, that is a feat in itself. For those who got a deal this season, congratulations. For those who didn’t, remember that if your business is the melding of your passion and your purpose, it takes time to create something great; time, persistence and patience.

What a fabulous episode to end on — first in the Tank we have…

Birth Beat
Edwina is a passionate midwife from regional New South Wales who has created an online platform to educate and support impending and new parents. Designed to include antenatal through to postnatal support, the obstetric endorsed platform is digitally packaged well for the customer and delivered digitally. She’s in the Tank asking for 200k for 10% of her business valuing her company at 2 million dollars. With only 19k in sales thus far she has a couple of impeding corporate clients in the wings, can she nab herself a Shark to help her scale?
Shark Tank Birth Beat
Pod & Parcel
Jai and Ben are two Melbourne mates that have made environmentally friendly coffee pods fit for Nespresso machines. They tell us they’ve made coffee pods for coffee snobs. They’re in the Tank asking for 100k for 15% of their coffee pod business, giving their business a valuation of $667k. In only 18 months they have made 610k and are looking to make $5 million in revenue in 3 years. I know the Sharks all like coffee — who will take a drink?
Pod & Parcel
Shark Tank Pod & Parcel
The Seek Society
Charity and Phoebe have come to the Tank to pitch us their Earth conscious camping and outdoor canvas tents. The pair are bringing great branding and beautiful tents to the sustainable camping market. With products ranging from bell tents, to apparel to hammocks, they have quite the number in their range… but I wonder if they spread themselves too thin? Or are they going to get a Shark to sleep under the stars with them?
Shark Tank The Seek Society
Crooked Compass Catch Up
What a journey Lisa has been on since she appeared on Shark Tank in Season 3 last year. I enjoyed Lisa’s concept so much that she persuaded me to go with her on one of her adventures to Mongolia which you can read about here or watch below. It was an incredible experience — well done Lisa.
Crooked Compass Catch Up
Moe, Andrew and Zak are three impressive guys who are changing banking for millennials. They’re asking for 380k in exchange for 8.4% equity in their business valuing their company at 4.5 million! Currently working with 150,000 university students in their online marketplace, with 1 in 8 Uni students already on board, their card acts like a debit card. It automatically applies discounts for customers dependent on where they’ve already spent money and simultaneously alerts users with their personal budget and how much money they have left to spend. An ingenious invention — who will get the last deal of the season?
Shark Tank QPay
Another week in the Tank under our belt! Always remember that you can catch up on the episodes at Ten Play and shop the Shark Tank products here.

My Shark Tank Australia page including blog posts, a curated list of products and companies from all seasons can be found here.

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