Shark Tank Season 4 Episode 11

It’s Tuesday, we are back in the Tank, and tonight we have some BIG valuations. Something we see a lot in the Tank is entrepreneurs pitching to us and valuing their business on blue sky rather than sales and revenue. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we want to see you back up your valuations. First up this week we have…


Ex-footballer Ed has shifted his career from professional rugby to business and has created a hi protein, low sugar ice cream aimed at millennials and the health conscious. He is in the Tank asking for 250k for 10% equity in his company valuing his business at $2.5 million. He has done a great job getting his product on the shelf and FroPro is currently stocked in 1000 stores across Australia, including 600 Woolworths outlets. Ed wants his business to be the next great Australian food company, will he be able to hook a Shark?

Shark Tank FroPro
Mickey Blu

Mick from Perth has created what he believes is the best generator on the caravan market as a fully functional, portable generator with remote start. He’s come into the Tank asking the Sharks for 2.5 million in exchange for 50% of his generator business, valuing it at $5 million and tells us that he will be the next entrepreneur to make the Sharks a billion dollars! Big Statement. The generators, along with his one stop camping business, are providing him with an admirable turnover of 1.5 million. Can he convince a Shark to get as excited about Generators as he is?

Shark Tank Mickey Blu

Franco, Jeremy and Dan launched their company last year, an online platform which connects people looking for spaces for short time hire space — it matches local people with local spaces. As a fairly new business, they have pivoted to start engaging councils who have spaces to hire and they have 185 transactions under their belt. The trio are in the Tank asking for 210k for 14% of their company valuing the business at $1.5 million, but for such an early business will a Shark take a bite?

Shark Tank SpacetoCo
HTZ Hot Tease

Niece and aunt duo, Janet and Annie, are in the Tank to pitch their hairdressing tool which adds body and volume to the hair. They’ve come into the Tank with a huge valuation of $10 million — they are asking for 500k for 5% of their business but they’ve only sold 208 units so far at pop up stores! Their passion for the hair and the product is there and they’ve taken action, which is more than many people do, but will this valuation be their undoing?

Shark Tank HTZ Hot Tease

Another week in the Tank under our belt! Always remember that you can catch up on the episodes at Ten Play and shop the Shark Tank products hereMy Shark Tank Australia page including blog posts, a curated list of products and companies from all seasons can be found here…

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