Shark Tank Season 4 Episode 10

There are some interesting innovations this week on Shark Tank ranging from evolving the education system, decreasing waste pollution around this country to a business that claims it can innovate the retail industry.

First in the Tank we have…

Jar Aerospace
Jar Aerospace
When Daniel, Lochie, Sam and Jack walked into the Tank they looked as sharp as Andrew does… and sharp they were. These four university mates have created a program that teaches school kids classes in digital technologies, including a build-to-fly drone kit.  They are here after investment in their subsidiary education company which they valued at $5 million, after only a few months in action. Although very intelligent, they aren’t willing to share with us the grand plans for their parent company. Can they hook a Shark who’s willing to invest without knowing the full picture?
Shark Tank Jar Aerospace
Irina and Lilly, a mother and daughter duo, have created what they believe to be a twist on the traditional reusable coffee cup. With a great interest in reducing waste pollution this pair wear their passion on their sleeves, literally. They are stocked in 60 cafes and retailers in Melbourne and Byron Bay and have made 32k in revenue to date. They’re in the Tank asking for 110k for 30% of their business valuing the company at $367k and are looking to partner with a Shark —  will their product be unique enough for a Shark?
Shark Tank iLoveEarth
Things 4 Bubs
Things 4 Bubs
Caroline is an astute entrepreneur who started a company that turned into a million-dollar business in five years. She has created a business that sells baby shoes, soothing devices and bamboo baby wear which services 600 accounts across Australia, 50% of which are distributors. With an IT background as a project manager, Caroline is in the Tank asking for 250k for 25% of her business valuing her company at 1 million dollars. She’s impressive — I sense a Shark fight…
Shark Tank Things 4 Bubs
Snap Social
Hugh has tapped into the evolving retail industry and has found a way to bridge the gap between e-commerce and in-store purchases. His booth is installed in a shop and customers can take a picture of themselves and immediately send to friends or directly to their social media account. From that picture, the booth can also send an email to the customer highlighting the products they tried on making it easy for them to purchase, after the fact. Hugh’s product is fantastic for retailers looking to collect otherwise elusive data from foot traffic… will the Sharks see the potential in his product?
Snap Social
Shark Tank Snap Social
Another week in the Tank under our belt! Always remember that you can catch up on the episodes at Ten Play and shop the Shark Tank products here.

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