Vegepod takes the Royal Chelsea Flower Show

It gives me satisfaction watching the companies on Shark Tank succeed, especially the ones I invest in. Watching their success, particularly when they have success overseas, is wonderful.

What I find is that there is a great misconception about the notion of ‘success’. Let’s be clear – there is no such thing as an overnight success. It doesn’t just happen. Success comes from working hard every, single day toward a goal. Likewise, longevity in business doesn’t just happen, and the world seems to forget that. Business success is always a work in progress – there is no set and forget – so it is really important to take a moment when the small successes, or little wins, come along.

One such success story arrived recently for my Shark Tank company Vegepod.

The thing about Vegepod as a product is that it really sells itself. The hardest part is getting them in front of people but once people see them they just fall in love.

Vegepod has recently had the exciting opportunity to promote their product at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show last month which is exciting to see Vegepod on the global stage.

Here is the low down straight from Vegepod:  

“Vegepod were asked to be special guests at the world’s most prestigious garden and flower show this year, the Royal Horticulture Society’s Chelsea Flower Show. The edible raised garden bed company has been invited to exhibit inside the famed Discovery Hall, showing how their innovative product is spreading the urban farming revolution to every type of household around the globe.

The invitation comes off the back of Vegepod’s successes in 2017 where they won Australian Business Awards for both Product Innovation and Product Excellence and their 2016 Shark Tank win for their ability to turn every thumb green. Touted as the solution to urban farming in Angus Stewart’s book, Grow Your Own: How to Be An Urban Farmer, Vegepod is now in partnership with the Australian government and Southern Cross University to also create easily accessible and therapeutic community garden programs for every type of urban environment.

Vegepod is doing Australia proud already selling in several countries around the world including the U.S, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, the UK and Portugal, whilst gaining avid support from key gardening figures such as Jamie Durie and Graham Ross.

Imagine coming home after a hard days work and you’re thinking about what to eat for dinner. Instead of having to stop off at the local grocery store, you get home, step onto your balcony or into your backyard, and pick fresh, organic, crisp lettuce leaves, cherry tomatoes, basil, and snap peas for your daily vegetable intake.

Sounds like heaven doesn’t it? Well this year, Vegepod’s game-changing self-watering beds, which come in three sizes, continue to lead the way in providing the solution. Features include a micro-climate and pest controlling canopy, mist spray irrigators, self-watering reservoirs underneath the soil, stands and trolleys, food-safe materials and an amazing no-tool assembly all conveniently flat packed to fit in any size car.

It’s a huge honour for the Aussie company to be invited to the event that hosts over 157,000 visitors annually (including Royal guests) and dates back to 1912!”

Vegepod on Stand

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