A note on brevity

Let me keep it brief.

Whether your blog is long or short remember:
“When we read, we hear a rhythm. There is a rhythm to the words”, according to Tomasz Tunguz.
Were you around six months ago during the rise of this social media algorithm?
Everyone was writing sentences on separate lines.
Short sentences.
Then longer ones…
It is a way of writing that keeps readers engaged.
The power of that algorithm was huge — some of my posts reached 1.5 million people.

Blogging is all about keeping up to date and on trend.

Social media algorithms with knock you off your perch without notice.
Here’s a tip.
Keep your blogs succinct.
Get to the point.
Allow readers space to take a breath.
If you’re wondering how long a blog post should be, here is your answer:
As long as you can keep the reader engaged.

Where to start? Just begin.

Beginning a blog can be intimidating.

My advice is: don’t be shy.

If you’ve got something to say — say it.

To finish, here are some potent words on writing by Verlyn Klinkenborg:

Being a writer is an active perpetual self authorisation.
No matter who you are.
Only you can authorize yourself.
You do that by writing well, by constant discovery.

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