Things to do in Brisbane

A city to fall in love with!

There are so many things to do in Brisbane, South East Queensland and the Sunshine Coast. From hot air ballooning on the Gold Coast, to bike rides, walking tours and off-road driving… it really is the centre of experiences. There are beautiful wellness centres in the hinterlands around the Gold Coast.

Further north, Hamilton Island is host to hundreds of beautiful experiences including plane flights to Whitehaven Beach or helicopters flight to the Great Barrier Reef to see it’s brilliance. There are also plenty of boat trips, snorkelling and scuba diving, sailboats, motorboats and paddleboats, kayaking and windsurfing.

Tropical North Queensland is also spectacular — there are so many things to do from Cairns up into the rainforests or out onto the reef. If you’re feeling brave you can always go deep sea fishing… count me out for that one, I’m too scared. There are Indigenous experiences, dinner in the Daintree, bungee jumping and extreme swings… I haven’t had the courage for those last ones, yet.

Aerobatic Biplane Flight 30 Minutes

I found myself sitting in the cockpit belting down the runway my seven point harness and hat.

Extreme Zipline Guided Tour - Tamborine

For all the adventurers out there, this is a must do surrounded by stunning scenery.

Australian Outback Spectacular

A fun night out with the family seeing some impressive horsemanship.

737-800 Boeing Flight Simulator

I gifted this one to Dad as he always wanted to fly a plane, he loved it.

Learn to Sail - Full Day

With crystal clear water, you’re in the perfect environment to learn to sail.

Subaru WRX Rally Car and V8 Buggy Drive

It had been raining before I did this experience but what a muddy thrill it was.

Indoor Skydiving

I thought skydiving would be easy in a wind tunnel but it’s more challenging and adrenaline-filled than expected.

Turbo Rally Drive

Rally driving through the bush at great speed is a truly exhilarating experience.

V8 Race Car Driving Experience

I gifted this experience to my husband who was grinning from ear to ear by the end of it!

Mobile Oyster Shucker with Craft Beer For 5

Not much better than grabbing some friends and having someone shuck fresh oysters right in front of you — a true treat.