This is an excerpt from my new, soon to be released, book Ready to Soar.
All of us dream, have hopes and aspirations – some bigger than others. Often we are inspired by what others are doing. In Ready to Soar I explore what it takes to pursue your dream. Discovering whether that dream could become an enterprise that you love and are inspired to be a part of every day. The harsh reality, though, is that no matter how vivid your dream is it does not necessarily make a good business idea – it might be a hobby business or a social enterprise. Not all of us are built the same way – some people love the risks associated with entrepreneurship whilst others could not think of anything worse. The point is that each person is on their own unique journey, you need to work out what is right for you, rather than comparing yourself to others.
What are the first things you need to do to bring your idea to fruition – to dream, formulate specific ideas and steps to achieve the dream, and then take those first steps?
Your dream could bring your invention to life, or it might be to start a service business or develop an online store. Whatever it is, your head might be so busy you’re not quite sure of the first step to take. Your head will be buzzing with hundreds of questions: ‘Will people buy it?’, ‘How do you test market?’, ‘What do customers think?’, ‘Where do I find customers?’, ‘How many people will like it?’, ‘How do I take the first step?’ or ‘What is the first step?’
These questions seem disparate and incongruous – but at the moment this is what your life is like. You see possibility – you dream. You just don’t know what to do next. You might be asking everyone you meet what they think of your idea and what you should do next. And people are often polite and encouraging – by nature our family and friends will support us – but they may also not be the best people to help you get started if they have not been in business themselves.
You may well be reading endlessly online, seeing contradictory articles – perhaps getting overwhelmed with information. Your mind is busy all the time. You know it would be successful if only you could just get started.
Maybe you don’t want to tell anyone anything, and you want to keep your idea a secret – fearful that if you tell someone they will steal your idea and go off and make a fortune. Or maybe you simply don’t want to tell anyone because you don’t want to put yourself ‘out there’ – risk ridicule or have someone rain on your parade and dampen your enthusiasm.
My intention with Ready to Soar is to help you on a journey to entrepreneurial freedom, of making your dreams come true – I want to help you control your business rather than your business controlling you.
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