I ask who can help… I want simplicity

I don’t know anyone who is not ‘busy’, I am not the only one seems like one of the most popular search terms is #lifehack. But apparently you cannot hack everything, and nor do you want to. I am often asked how I fit it all in, and what routines or tools I use to streamline the activity in my life. It is about working out what I should be doing as the ‘expert’, versus having other people/organisations doing what they do best. We often look back fondly on the ‘good old days’ when things were much simpler, but that is not in fact reality. Now, my life and business is not limited to Australia — there is loads going on so I have to keep asking myself “am I the best person for this ‘job’ or is there a simpler way?”.

As my calendar changes daily I absolutely must maximise my time (it is my most precious resource), and that begins when I wake up each morning. With to-do lists swirling around my head I take a quiet moment of reflection before I launch into business for the day. That reflective time may look like yoga (it’s about the practice, not the outcome) or may simply be me taking the time to plan my day ahead.

Travel is a large part of my job; there are experiences everywhere. I’m regularly grabbing my passport as I head to the airport. I do business everywhere, whether that is visiting suppliers in the US, or speaking engagements in Asia (it is a busy agenda). It leaves me managing multiple currencies and juggling how they pay — I knew there must be a better way.

Local bank accounts are not an option and dealing with cash conversions at the last minute is expensive, can be tricky and a time waster. When I am travelling for business or on holiday, the last thing I want to be spending time thinking about is whether I have the right cash once I arrive at my destination.

Hence my association with the Citi Global Currency Account. They made it really easy, (right professional for the right job at the right time), to exchange currency immediately and also pay using local currency without being subject to exchange rates. I can also check my balance right from my phone on Citi’s app to see whether I’ve been paid. I’m all about simplifying processes and doing things quickly and effectively.

With my busy lifestyle, it’s practices such as my morning routine and tools that streamline the ‘admin’ in my life, especially when I travel, that allow me to make the most of my time truly experiencing what life has to offer and doing what I enjoy most.


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