The question I am asked a lot is “what do you do now that you are not the CEO of RedBalloon?” Whilst life is busy, it is not chaotic – it is purposeful. In fact one of the things I do to create my week is to consider “What is the big game I am playing? – and I block out time to that project or calling. Habit creates productivity even in the face of ‘I have 1000 things to get done’.

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Signing Live What You Love

Monday I dedicated to meetings, one on ones (with Shark Tank companies, Redii & RedBalloon)… having all these meetings on one day keeps me productive. This includes briefing calls for events or speaking engagements through the week. I started the day with my briefing call for the Special Olympics event on Wednesday; a catch up with a very old friend; walk ‘n’ talk with CEO RedBalloon, Nick Baker and signed 250 books for the upcoming Allianz Australia event plus business meetings for Redii. Setting aside this time means that I am able to focus and be productive…. Actually I thrive on being busy.
Tuesday had me up in Brisbane for the Local Government Procurement Conference – I shared the entrepreneurial journey but also I talked about the importance of mastery, and practice – that building something great takes time, focus and commitment.
Wednesday Once a month I set aside a day of others, whether it is people looking for advice, me learning from others, or connecting with people. I also squeezed in a lunch meeting with my publisher from Harlequin to discuss all things ‘Ready to Soar’ launch.

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With Julie McDonald OAM – MC at the Special Olympics fund raiser

Thursday, in Brisbane I spoke at a breakfast event for the Special Olympics – raising money to ensure that kids around Australia with an intellectual disability have the funds for sports equipment, coaches and travel to competition. I chose to share stories of ‘the power of human connection’… okay so I told of lot of fun stories from Shark Tank, speaking events and other ‘interesting circumstances I have found myself in’.
Friday was set aside to record the podcasts for iTunes with my publisher, Harlequin’s social media team #ReadytoSoar – (Apparently I will see some rush copies just after Easter).
I’d classify it as a week where I moved the game forward….
This Week:

Monday – All things Redii at the Marcus Evans HR Summit with Cathie Reid, EPIC Group  – Gold Coast
Tuesday RedBalloon Board Meeting; Digicit Dinner– Sydney
Wednesday – Speaking at the Business and Economics Women’s Alumni Lunch, University of Melbourne in Melbourne, Entpreneur Organization event in Sydney
Thursday – Redii Board Meeting – then depart for the Easter break with family including Dexter
Friday – As little as possible (except maybe a hot cross bun or two).Is the world trying to tell me something?

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