Business Leadership

Naomi Simson

Business Leadership is a never ending pursuit

Business Leadership 

In my opinion business leadership is very different to management, influence or planning. Read on if you want to learn more. Leadership comes from not just who you are, but how you are perceived by others. We all need leadership skills in our lives – no matter what role you play in your business.

The role of the business leader is to inspire those around them and this will deliver commercial results. Also, I believe the role of the leader to create a vision, set the values, and align everybody to those and also to make sure that every team member is aligned to the plan.

Much of my time I spend exploring every aspect of Business Leadership and in this selection of posts I share what I have learned myself, and also what I have discovered and applied from reading books, and attending seminars.


I think you will find that there is much to explore about Business Leadership in these blogs and I have sorted them into several sections to help you navigate. And ultimately get the most value from them. Perhaps you could consider this a one stop shop on becoming a leader.


And I have made plenty of mistakes. In these blog posts I share the ups and the downs. You may want to subscribe to my Monday Xpresso Newsletter so that you can get a weekly dose of motivation.

Catch up on the Leadership blog posts by ‘chapter’. below:

Experience Economy Benefits

Experience Economy Benefits

Here is a startling fact (for anyone over 30), 50 percent of the world’s population is going to be under 30 by 2025, and will make up two thirds of the global workforce. Baby Boomers are passing their wealth onto younger generations (or spending it as fast as they...